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John Buchman Walthour (August 24, 1904 – October 29, 1952) was the 4th bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta in the United States.


He was born 24 August 1904 in Cape May, New Jersey, the son of Harry Clayton and Helen Millward Walthour. The Right Reverend Frederick F. Reese, the Bishop of Georgia ordained Walthour as deacon and priest in 1931. On 21 October 1931 he married Margaret Simkins Baker.

He was called to Grace Church in Waycross, Georgia, remaining there only briefly before being called to St. Andrew's Church in Tampa, Florida. From 1941 to 1947, he served as chaplain at United States Military Academy, West Point. In 1947, Walthour was called to be Dean of the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta, Georgia.

He was consecrated Bishop in 1952 and died within his first year.


John Walthour was the 511th bishop consecrated in the Episcopal Church.

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Episcopal Church (USA) titles
Preceded by
John Moore Walker, Jr.
4th Bishop of Atlanta
1952 – 1952
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