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John Barlow Jarvis (born January 2, 1954, Pasadena, California)[1] is an American songwriter, composer, pianist and singer, based since 1982 in Nashville, Tennessee.[2]

Early Career (1968-1982)[edit]

As a child, Jarvis was trained in classical music. He began his musical career at the age of 14 when he became a staff songwriter and studio musician for Edwin H. Morris Music. He played piano with numerous well-known artists over the next six years, joining Rod Stewart's band in 1974.[2]

Later Career (1982-present)[edit]

Jarvis relocated from Hollywood to Nashville in 1982. He continued songwriting and performing session work for numerous well-known musicians.[2] From 1984-1988 he recorded four albums for MCA Records. In 1993 he recorded his 5th album ("Balancing Act" ) for Liberty Records, and in 2003 he recorded his 6th album ("View From a Southern Porch") for his own label, Barlotone Productions.[3] According to two different websites (who appear to be quoting the "View from a Southern Porch" press kit), People Magazine said "So Fa So Good" was "the best solo piano since Keith Jarrett"; Time Magazine named "Whatever Works" one of the ten best pop records of 1988.,.[2][4] According to Jarvis, the first four albums are out of print; the 5th and 6th are available on iTunes.[5] Jarvis has also contributed 26 tracks to Band-in-a-Box, the automatic accompaniment software program.[6]


Songs which Jarvis co-wrote won the Grammy Award for "Country Song of the Year" two years in a row: "Love Can Build a Bridge", co-written with Naomi Judd & Paul Overstreet (performed by The Judds) won in 1992 and "I Still Believe in You", co-written and performed by Vince Gill, won in 1993. Jarvis described the co-writing process for those songs and others in a 2006 interview for NashvilleHype![3]


Solo Recordings[edit]

As a Guest/Session Performer[edit]

  • Breakaway (Art Garfunkel) (Columbia, 1975)
  • Two Man Job (Brian Holland and Danny Coots) (Rivermont, 2012)

John Barlow Jarvis Songs Recorded by Others[edit]


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