John Beck (It Bites)

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Not to be confused with John Beck (songwriter).

John Beck is an English musician in progressive rock band, It Bites.[1]

John Beck is a keyboard player best known for his role in British progressive rock/pop fusion band It Bites, for which he's been one of the main composers. He also plays guitar, bass, drums and accordion and sings (mainly harmony vocals)

Aside from It Bites, Beck has also been a member of Unicorn Jones (a trio of himself, It Bites bassist Dick Nolan and singer David Banks) and of British prog-rock supergroup Kino, featuring guitarist John Mitchell from the band Arena, Marillion bassist Pete Trewavas and former Porcupine Tree drummer Chris Maitland (who was later replaced with It Bites drummer Bob Dalton).

Beck has also played with John Wetton and Alan Parsons.

He has just joined up with Fish (ex-Marillion front man) to play on upcoming concerts.


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