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John Bigelow Taylor, based in New York City, is a photographer of works of art[1] and, along with his partner, Dianne Dubler, is known for photographic essays on diverse subjects.[2]


In 1972, John Bigelow Taylor and his partner, Dianne Dubler, embarked on a journey throughout southern Asia. While living in India, Afghanistan and Nepal they documented people and locations.[3] After their travels in Asia, and with the help of Gillett Griffin, then curator of pre-Columbian art at Princeton University Art Museum, Taylor and Dubler expanded their range of photographic subjects to include antiquities, works of art, commercial work, architecture and interiors, and jewelry. Their first book, Within the Underworld Sky, was published in 1984.[3]

Taylor has also collaborated with Paul Gottlieb, then editor-in-chief at Harry N. Abrams, on a series of books which included Waddesdon Manor : The Heritage of a Rothschild House, a one-year study of Ferdinand de Rothschild's Waddesdon Manor, Gold Without Boundaries, featuring sculpture and gold work for Daniel Brush [1], The Cycladic Spirit, highlighting the art and landscape of the Greek Cycladic period, based on the Goulandris Collection in Athens, and The White House Collection of American Crafts with Hillary Clinton.[3]

Taylor and Dubler also specialize in jewelry photography as demonstrated in photographs of Elizabeth Taylor's collection for Simon & Schuster's My Love Affair With Jewelry.[3]

He collaborated with others on The Inka Empire.[4]


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Photographic exhibitions[edit]

  • Microcosm: The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden, curated by Christophe W. Mao and Judith Whitbeck, Chinese Scholar's Garden at the Staten Island Botanical Garden, April 26-28, 2002
  • The Armory Wall: A Tribute to September 11, ongoing traveling exhibition


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