John Black (fur trader)

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John Black (11 March 1817 – 3 February 1879) was born and educated in Scotland and came to Canada in 1839.


Black's early life was not well documented. We do know that he worked for about seven years in a solicitor's office before being appointed clerk to the General Quarterly Court of Assiniboia. He had duties as deputy to the recorder of Rupert’s Land, Adam Thom. However, he also became an active employee of the Hudson’s Bay Company shortly after his arrival at the Red River Colony where Thom was located. In 1845 he married Alexander Christie's daughter. Christie was the governor of Assiniboia and a chief factor of the HBC. In 1848, Black became chief trader.

In 1861 was appointed president (recorder) of the General Quarterly Court of Assiniboia. In 1862 he was introduced to the Council of Assiniboia and served until 1870.