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This article is about the computer scientist. For the writer, actor and director, see John Cameron Mitchell.
Professor John Mitchell
John C. Mitchell.jpg
Born John Clifford Mitchell
Institutions Stanford University
Bell Labs
Massachusetts Institute of Technology[1]
Academic advisors Albert R. Meyer[2]
Doctoral students Ole Agesen
Ajay Chander
Anupam Datta
Ante Derek
Nancy Durgin
Kathleen Fisher
Stephen Freund
Changhua He
My Hoang
Brian Howard
Dinesh Katiyar
Morris Katz
Patrick Lincoln
Amit Patel
Ajith Ramanathan
Vitaly Shmatikov
Mukund Sundararajan
Vanessa Teague
Ramesh Viswanathan[2]

John Clifford Mitchell is professor of computer science and (by courtesy) electrical engineering at Stanford University. He has published in the area of programming language theory and computer security.[3][4][5][6][2][1]


Together with Gordon Plotkin he noted the connection between existential types and abstract data types.[7]

In August of 2012, Mitchell was appointed by Stanford President John L. Hennessy as the Vice Provost for Online Learning, a newly created position responsible for overseeing Stanford's MOOC program.


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