John Carl Buechler

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John Carl Buechler
Born Belleville, Illinois, USA
Other names Allen Actor
Occupation Film director
Make-up artist
Years active 1978–present

John Carl Buechler (pronounced Beekler) is an American writer, actor, director, and producer. Buechler has been involved for the creation of macabre icons in the mainstream of movies.[citation needed] In 1986, Buechler brought to the screen his highly successful, and now cult classic film Troll.[dubious ] His 1988 box office hit FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII: THE NEW BLOOD, which he not only directed, he also created the eye-popping special effects[unreliable source?] as well as what many fans and critics agree is THE DEFINITIVE JASON VOORHEES[quantify][clarification needed].. Buechler’s work in cinematic monster-making is legendary.[dubious ] His amazing design and visual effects artistry[need quotation to verify] has graced the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET film franchise, the HALLOWEEN franchise and multiple other classic horror and visual fantasy films.[citation needed]

When he ran the make-up effects department at New World Pictures, 'Roger Corman'[who?] called him "...the best in the business..."[citation needed][need quotation to verify][vague]

He was the first person in history[by whom?] to make his way into the director's chair by way of make-up effects superstardom.[citation needed][dubious ]

With over 87 movies[citation needed] and someone who truly goes the entire nine yards[not specific enough to verify], John Carl Buechler has made his name known as an accomplished writer, producer, director and special effects artist.[citation needed] Since his early years, Buechler was filled with a passion for filmmaking and special effects and formed his own company Magical Media Industries[citation needed], for production and the creation of special effects for a handful of motion pictures in the science fiction and horror/fantasy genre.[citation needed]

Although he is known for his fascinating make-up work[dubious ], as a writer/director, Buechler made his debut on an anthology fantasy film entitled The Dungeonmaster[verification needed]. From here we went on to helm a long list of successful[dubious ] and distinguished motion pictures[vague], and television shows, including: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll[verification needed] and Mr. Hyde[verification needed], Cellar Dweller[verification needed], Ghoulies Go To College[verification needed], Land of the Lost[verification needed], Tarzan the Epic Adventures[verification needed], Watchers Reborn[verification needed], Ice Crawlers[verification needed], A Light in the Forest[verification needed], Curse of the Forty-niner[verification needed] and many others…[verification needed]

Premiere Magazine has quoted him as saying," if you can pull a performance out of a piece of latex, you can do it with actors..."[citation needed][need quotation to verify]

John's outstanding visual effects[dubious ] work can also be seen in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade[verification needed], the Ghoulies franchise[verification needed], HALLOWEEN 4[verification needed], 6[verification needed] and H20[verification needed], Nightmare on Elm Street 4 & 6[verification needed] and more recently Hatchet.[verification needed]

Though well known as a visual effects creator, it was his acknowledgement as Troll’s critically acclaimed director[dubious ] that led him to direct the seventh sequel to the ever famous Friday the 13th for Paramount Pictures.[citation needed] Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood[citation needed], like its many sequels was another box-office success[verification needed]. The rest is cinematic history[verification needed][weasel words].




  • Deep Freeze (2003)
  • Wizardream (2014)
  • Hidden Valley(2014)
  • Troll (TBA)




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