John Catucci

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John Catucci
Catucci as Bus Driver Bob, performing with The Doodlebops at a Doodlebops Live! concert on February 29, 2008.
Other names Giovanni Catucci
Citizenship Canadian
Occupation Actor, singer, sketch comedian
Awards Canada Comedy Award:[1]
2006 – Pretty Funny Taped Live Performance
2004 – Best Sketch Troupe
2003 – Best Sketch Troupe

John Catucci, also known as Giovanni Catucci,[1] is a Canadian sketch comedian, singer,[2] and actor. He is a member of The Minnesota Wrecking Crew and the musical comedy duo The DooWops, with David Mesiano.[2][3]

Catucci attended York University.[2] Catucci has also appeared on MuchMusic's Video On Trial and in the movie The Tuxedo. He is most well known for his role as Bus Driver Bob on CBC's The Doodlebops.[1]

He hosts the Food Network TV show You Gotta Eat Here!.


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