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John Cawas

John Cawas (1910 – 4 October 1993[1]) was a stuntman and actor in Hindi movies. Cawas made his debut in the Hindi film Hunterwali (1935), which became a career-defining movie for Fearless Nadia and Wadia Movietone. Cawas himself was famous for his performance of Tarzan in various movies.

Early life[edit]

Born in 1910 in Jabalpur in a Parsi family, Cawas pursued a career of professional body building and became the winner of 1930 All-India Bodybuilding Championship.[2]

Film career[edit]

The 1930s was an era of adventure movies for Hindi cinema, and Cawas got his first break as a swordsman in Hunterwali along with Nadia and Boman Shroff. This role along with similar roles in subsequent sequel remakes of this movie helped Cawas establish himself as a professional stuntman and actor.

His portrayal of Tarzan in Toofani Tarzan movie from Wadia Movietone was a career defining role for him.[2][3][4]


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