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O. John Coletti was an automobile engineer at the Ford Motor Company, and was the COO and president of EcoMotors International until his retirement on March 15, 2013.

He was responsible, as director of that company's Special Vehicle Team (SVT) group, for a number of special performance cars in the 1990s and 2000s, including the Ford Focus SVT, SVT Contour, Ford F-150 Lightning, and the Ford Mustang Cobra. He later spearheaded development and production of the [Ford GT]] supercar.

Production Vehicles Programs under Mr. Coletti's leadership include:

1991 Mustang Feature Car

1992 Mustang Feature Car Yellow w/Chrome Wheels

1992 Mustang Feature Car Monochromatic White

1994 SN95 Mustang

1994 Mustang Indy Pace Car

1995 Mustang Cobra R "351W"

1998 SVT Contour

1999 F150 SVT Lightning

2000 Mustang Cobra R "5.4L-4V"

2002 Focus ST170 (European Market)

2002 SVT Focus "Piranha"

2003 SVT Cobra “Terminator”

2004 Ford GT "Petunia"

Concept Vehicle Programs that were developed, but never saw production include: 1993 Mach III Mustang

1994 BOSS 10L Mustang

1995 Ford GT90

1995 Mustang CJ-R

1996 Contour "Profile"

1996 Taurus SHO Station Wagon "Gumby"

1996 SVT Thunderbird

1997 Mustang Super Stallion

1998 Escort CT120 Turbo

1998 Ranger "Lightning Bolt"

1998 Supercharged Thunderbird

2000 SVE Ford Focus “Irene”

2005 SVT Lightning "Tomcat“

2006 SVT T/C Focus "Panama"

2006 SVT Mustang Cobra "Condor"

He is also credited with saving the rear wheel drive Mustang in the early 1990s, when it was to be eliminated for cost reasons. Coletti retired from SVT in 2004. He and his wife Judy are the parents of four children.

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