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For the American actor, see John Costelloe (actor). For those of a similar name, see John Costello.

John Costelloe was an Irish politician who served for two years a member of the 10th Seanad Éireann.

He was elected to the Seanad by the Industrial and Commercial Panel at a by-election on 28 November 1963 following the death of Fianna Fáil senator Daniel Moloney.[1] He was not re-elected at the 1965 Seanad elections.


  1. ^ The sources are ambiguous about the name of the victor of the Seanad Industrial and Commercial Panel by-election on 28 November 1963. The Oireachtas members database list his name as "John Costello", but the record of Seanad proceedings names the new senator as "John Costelloe", and the latter spelling is also used in the record of the first Seanad division in which he voted, and in subsequent proceedings.
    No information appears to be available about his party affiliation, his date of birth or death, and a search of Seanad proceedings offers no assistance. However, the Seanad debates, such as the 1 July 1964 debate on the Agriculture (Amendment) Bill reveal that Costelloe was from Kerry.

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