John Cryan

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John Cryan

Former Group Chief Financial Officer, UBS AG

President for Europe, Temasek Holdings

John Cryan is a British businessman and was the Group Chief Financial Officer at UBS AG. In 2011 he leaves the UBS for personal reasons. In Jan 2012, John joined Singapore’s investment company Temasek as President for Europe.[1]


John Cryan was born in 1960 in the UK. After working for Arthur Andersen, he joined S.G. Warburg in London in 1987, before it was acquired by UBS.[2]

Cryan was head of UBS's financial institutions group, providing strategic and financial advice to a wide range of global companies in the financial sector.

In September 2008 he was appointed Group Chief Financial Officer at UBS AG.[3]

During the Fall of 2008, he advised the UBS Board of Directors and the Group Executive Board on the financial crisis.[4]


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