John Dalgleish Donaldson

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John Dalgleish Donaldson
John Donaldson.jpg
Donaldson at Hubertus hunt in Jægersborg Dyrehave, 2009
Born (1941-09-05) 5 September 1941 (age 73)
Port Seton, Scotland
Occupation Professor
Spouse(s) Henrietta Clark Horne (m. 1963; died 1997)
Susan Elizabeth Horwood (m. 2001)
Children Jane Alison Stephens
Patricia Anne Bailey
John Stuart Donaldson
Mary Elizabeth Donaldson
Relatives Peter Donaldson (father)
Mary Dalgleish (mother)

John Dalgleish Donaldson (born 5 September 1941) is a Scottish-Australian professor and the father of Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, the wife of the heir apparent to the throne of Denmark, Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark.

Family and marriages[edit]

Donaldson was born at Port Seton, Scotland, the son of Peter Donaldson (1911–1978) and his wife Mary Dalgleish (1914–2002). In the early 1960s his parents and his older brother Peter and younger sister Roy, emigrated to Tasmania, Australia, where his father was captain of a large trading company.

On 31 August 1963, he married his first wife, Henrietta Clark Horne (1942–1997), at Port Seton. They emigrated to Australia in November of that year. They had four children, three daughters and one son:

In addition to British citizenship, he obtained an Australian citizenship in 1975.

His first wife Henrietta died on 20 November 1997, he was married secondly on 5 September 2001 to Susan Elizabeth Horwood (born 1940), she is a novelist and writes under the names Susan Moody, Susannah James and Susan Madison.


In 1963, he obtained a BSc degree in mathematics and physics from the University of Edinburgh. He also received a PhD degree from the University of Tasmania, where he was since 1967 Applied Mathematics Lecturer of the Department and on occasion Dean of the Faculty of Science until his retirement in 2003. Subsequently he has been professor of applied mathematics at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).

Donaldson was previously visiting professor of applied mathematics at several universities in Houston, Montreal, Oxford, from 2004 at Aarhus University and from 2006 also at the University of Copenhagen.

Honour and coat of arms[edit]

With the marriage of his daughter Crown Princess Mary in 2004, Donaldson was honoured with the Order of the Dannebrog. In accordance with the statutes of the Danish Royal Orders, both he and his daughter were granted a coat of arms, this for display in the Chapel of the Royal Orders at Frederiksborg Castle. The main field of Donaldson's coat of arms is or tinctured and shows a gules MacDonald eagle and a Sable tinctured boat both symbolising his Scottish ancestry. The chief field is azure tinctured and shows two gold Commonwealth Stars from the Coat of arms of Australia, and a gold infinity symbol in between, symbolising his career as an Australian mathematician. Above the shield is placed a barred helmet topped with a gules rampant lion, which is turned outward. The lion is derived from the Scottish coat of arms and also from the arms of Tasmania and Hobart.[1] Coat of arms of John Dalgleish Donaldson.png The coat of arms of The Crown Princess is almost identical to that of her father's, but a gold rose is depicted as her personal symbol, instead of the infinity symbol. The heraldic crown of a Crown Prince of Denmark is placed above her shield.


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This article incorporates information from the equivalent article on the Danish Wikipedia.

Other references[edit]

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