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J D K Lloyd or more fully known as John Davies Knatchbull Lloyd was born on 28 April 1900 at Plas Trefaldwyn, Montgomery in the present day county of Powys in mid Wales. He was the son of John Maurice Edward Lloyd a barrister. He went to Winchester School and Trinity College Cambridge before embarking on a long life devoted to antiquarian research and to his community.

Public service career[edit]

  • 1929-1946: Secretary of the council for the preservation of rural Wales.
  • 1934: Justice of the Peace
  • 1937-1967: Secretary of the Powysland Club.
  • 1940: High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire[1]
  • 1948-1951: Chairman of the Montgomeryshire Health Executive Council
  • 1953-1955: Chairman of Montgomeryshire Planning Committee
  • 1956-1969: editor of Archaeologia Cambrensis
  • 1957-1974: Chairman of the Montgomeryshire County library Committee
  • 1957: Awarded OBE
  • 1960: Deputy Lieutenant of the county of Powys
  • 1969: Honorary LLD from the University of Wales
  • Mayor of Montgomery: 1932-1938 and 1961–1962
  • Member of the Historic Buildings Council for Wales
  • Member of the Society of Antiquaries

JDK Lloyd wrote many articles and guides to Montgomery. He donated Dolforwyn Castle to the Welsh Ancient Monument Board (now Cadw) in 1955.

He died on 13 December 1978