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John Delaney
Born 16 October 1967
Waterford, Ireland
Nationality Irish
Known for CEO of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI)
Home town Tipperary, Ireland
Salary €360,000[1]

John Delaney (born 16 October 1967 in Waterford) is the current Chief Executive of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI).

His father Joe was previously FAI treasurer. Delaney became Acting Chief Executive of the FAI in December 2004, and took up the role full-time in March 2005.[2] In November 2006, his contract was extended to 2012.[2] In July 2010, the FAI's Board of Directors agreed to extend his contract once again, until 2015.[3] His salary is currently €430,000 a year.[4][5] His salary is almost €100,000 more than the combined salaries of his Spanish and Italian counterparts. [6][7]


Football Association of Ireland (FAI)[edit]

John Delaney became the youngest treasurer in FAI history in 2001.[8] He rose to prominence in the wake of the 2002 Keane Saipan saga, having emerged as the FAI's public figurehead during the affair.[3] He became acting chief executive of the organisation in December 2004, after Fran Rooney's acrimonious departure.[8][9]

When FIFA offered Ireland a Fair Play Award following France vs Republic of Ireland 2010 World cup play-off, Delaney respectfully declined and said FIFA President Sepp Blatter was "an embarrassment to himself and an embarrassment to FIFA".[10]

Delaney has overseen the appointments of Steve Staunton and Giovanni Trapattoni as Ireland managers.

Delaney defended himself from criticism aimed at him over his behaviour during Ireland's failure at Euro 2012 when unflattering images and footage of him on social media websites showed him out socialising late at night. Delaney hit back saying "and if I had a night out, with family, my sister was over there, my brother-in-law and some friends, I think that's something I'm entitled to do on the odd occasion when I'm there". [11]

Personal Life[edit]

John Delaney is currently in a relationship with Emma English who works in PR and Event Management. They first met at a Strictly Come Soccer Charity Dance Competition at the Citywest Hotel. [12] His girlfriend, Emma English, has been targeted on social media since their relationship became public. [13]

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