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Not to be confused with John Flannagan (sculptor).
For other people named John Flanagan, see John Flanagan (disambiguation).
John Flanagan

John Flanagan (1865–1952) was a sculptor who designed the Washington U.S. quarter dollar coin, which was issued in 1932. Flanagan's initials can be found at the base of Washington's neck. Flanagan designed both sides of the quarter. Flanagan designed a medallion commemorating the World War I Battle of Verdun. The inscription on it reads, 'They Shall Not Pass', and the medal is found in the Lafayette Database of American Art in French National collections. From 1885 to 1890, Flanagan was a studio assistant to Augustus St. Gaudens and worked on several large projects. A bronze portrait bust of St. Gaudens by Flanagan is found at New York University.

In 1911, he was elected into the National Academy of Design as an Associate member, and became a full Academician in 1928.


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