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John Frazer pioneered computer technologies related to architecture, urbanism and design. His early research was developed at the Architectural Association in London, Cambridge University, the University of Ulster, and at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University where he was Swire Chair Professor, head of the School of Design and Director of the Design Technology Research Centre.[citation needed]

As of 2011 Frazer was the international research co-coordinator for Gehry Technologies, Digital Practice Ecosystem. In 2006 Frazer began serving as the head of the School of Design at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia.[citation needed]

As a consultant in partnership with Julia Frazer, he worked with Cedric Price for the Generator Project from 1976–1980.[citation needed]

As of 2011 he was married to architect Julia Frazer.[citation needed]

Selected publications[edit]

Frazer J.H., An Evolutionary Architecture, Architectural Association, London, 1995 ( out of print ) "An Evolutionary Architecture - John Frazer". Retrieved 2012-05-05.  ( free download )

Forthcoming Currently writing commissioned essays on Archigram, Cedric Price and Ken Yeang; for Makers of Modern Culture (publication pending, Routledge) and a book chapter on Interactive environments to be published in White Heat and Cold Logic - a book on computer art from 1960 – 1980 (publication pending, MIT Press).

Books Frazer J.H., An Evolutionary Architecture, Architectural Association, London, 1995 ( out of print ) ( free download )

Frazer J.H. and Hardingham S, Accelerating Architecture (publication pending)

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