John Glaister

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John Glaister

John Glaister (9 March 1856 – 18 December 1932), was a Scottish forensic scientist who worked as a general practitioner, police surgeon, and as a lecturer at Glasgow Royal Infirmary Medical School and the University of Glasgow.

Glaister was born in Lanark and attended the Lanark Grammar School there. In 1873, he enrolled to the Faculty of Medicine of Glasgow University. After graduating, he became a police surgeon and a general practitioner in Townhead. In 1881, he was appointed a lecturer in Medical Jurisprudence at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary Medical School, and in 1887 a Special Lecturer in Public Health. In 1889 he was promoted to Professor of Forensic Medicine and Public Health, which post he held until 1931. In 1902, he published his most famous work, A Textbook of Medical Jurisprudence, Toxicology and Public Health. He was also noted as an expert witness in widely publicised legal cases such as the trial of Oscar Slater in 1909.[1]


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