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This article is about the writer and UI designer. For the early LGBT rights activist known as John Gruber, see James Gruber. For other uses, see Jonathan Gruber.
John Gruber
John Gruber.jpeg
Born 1973 (age 40–41)
Occupation Columnist
Citizenship United States
Subject Design, Technology, Apple Inc.

John Gruber (born 1973) is a writer, blog publisher, UI designer and the inventor of the Markdown publishing format. Gruber is from the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area of the United States. He received his Bachelor of Science in computer science from Drexel University, and worked for Bare Bones Software from 2000 to 2002 and Joyent from 2005 to 2006.[1] He produces Daring Fireball,[2][3][4] a technology blog that has become his full-time job. Since 2013 Gruber works at Q Branch which he formed with his colleagues Brent Simmons and Dave Wiskus. He also hosts a podcast called The Talk Show. From May 2012-2014 the show was part of the Mule Radio Syndicate network. As of May 2014 The Talk Show has become independent and part of Daring Fireball.[5]

Speaking engagements[edit]

John Gruber has increasingly appeared as a conference speaker, starting in the US but going worldwide in recent years.[6] His presentations focus on a subset of topics that he covers on Daring Fireball, mainly the intersection of Apple Inc., movies and the creative process.

  • Oct 2006 – C4[0], Chicago: "the HIG is dead"
  • Mar 2007 – SXSW, Austin: "Design Aesthetic of the Indie Developer"
  • Mar 2008 – SXSW, Austin: "Blood, Sweat, and Fear: Great Design Hurts"
  • Jan 2009 – Macworld Expo, San Francisco: "The Auteur theory of design"
  • Mar 2009 – SXSW, Austin: "149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility!"
  • Feb 2010 – Macworld Expo, San Francisco: "Apple’s Top 10 Issues"
  • Mar 2010 – SXSW, Austin: "Online Advertising: Losing the Race to the Bottom"
  • Sep 2010 – dConstruct, Brighton (United Kingdom): "The Auteur theory of design"
  • Jan 2011 – Macworld Expo, San Francisco: "Gruber, Engst, Moren on the future of the Mac"
  • Feb 2011 – webstock, Wellington (New Zealand): "The Gap Theory of UI Design"
  • Mar 2011 – SXSW, Austin: "15 Slides, Three Writers, Three Ways — One Hour"
  • Oct 2011 – Çingleton, Montréal: "Keynote"
  • Sep 2012 – Guest on Charlie Rose
  • Jan 2013 – Macworld/iWorld, San Francisco: "iCloud, App Stores, and other Things To Fear: Has Apple Forgotten Power Users?"
  • Feb 2013 – webstock, Wellington (New Zealand): "In praise of Pac-Man: lessons all designers can learn from the perfect video game"
  • Oct 2014 - XOXO


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