John Hanbury (1744–1784)

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John Hanbury (1744–1784) was one of a dynasty of ironmasters responsible for the industrialisation and urbanisation of the eastern valley through which runs the Afon Llwyd (in English "grey river") in Monmouthshire around Pontypool.

The Hanbury family lived in the manor-house known as Pontypool Park House which now houses St. Alban's R.C. High School and Pontypool Museum.

John Hanbury built the Shell Grotto, Pontypool and Folly Tower above Pontypool Park. He was the third of that name to head the family, and was the son of Capel Hanbury (1707 - 1765) and grandson of John Hanbury (1664–1734). His great grandfather Capel Hanbury (1625 – 1704) began the building of Pontypool Park House in 1659.

His son Charles Hanbury-Tracy was created Baron Sudeley.