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John Henry Jowett (1863-1923) was an influential British Protestant preacher at the turn of the nineteenth to the twentieth century and wrote many books on topics related to Christian living.[1][2]

Early Life[edit]

Jowett was born August 25 1863 at Beaumont Town, Northowram in Halifax, West Yorkshire to working-class parents who attended the Congregational church in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Jowett’s father was a tailor and draper.

Career and Influence[edit]

Jowett understood the problems faced by workers and while the pastor at Carr’s Lane Congregational Church in Birmingham, Englandk founded the Digbeth Institute, now an arts center.


Jowett was the author of numerous books on Christian devotion, preaching, and the Bible.

Devotional Books

  • Jowett, J. H. The Folly of Unbelief : and Other Meditations for Quiet Moments.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1913). Things that Matter Most; Devotional Papers. New York,: F.H. Revell.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1914). My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year. Nashville, Tenn.: Broadman Press.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1920). "Come Ye Apart", Daily exercises in Prayer and Devotion. New York,: Revell.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1923). Brooks by the Traveller's Way; 26 Weeknight Addresses. New York,: Christian Herald.

Works on the Bible

  • Jowett, J. H. (1902). Thirsting for the Springs Twenty-six weeknight meditations.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1906). The Epistles of St. Peter. New York,: Armstrong.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1909). The High Calling Meditations on St. Paul's Letter to the Philippians. New York: Fleming H. Revell.
  • Jowett, J. H. The Redeemed Family of God, Studies in the Epistles of Peter. New York,: Hodder.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1922). The Friend on the road and other studies in the Gospels. New York,: George H. Doran company.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1925). Life in the Heights; Studies in the Epistles.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1924). Springs in the Desert; Studies in the Psalms. New York,: George H. Doran Company.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1922). The Eagle Life and Other Studies in the Old Testament. New York,: George H. Doran company.

Books of Sermons and Books on Preaching and on the Church

  • Jowett, J. H. (1901). Apostolic Optimism, and Other Sermons.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1905). The Passion for Souls. New York, Chicago: Fleming H. Revell Co.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1910). The Transfigured Church. New York,: Fleming H. Revell Co.
  • Jowett, J. H. (1912b. The Preacher, His Life and Work'.' Yale Lectures. New York: Harper & Brothers.

Jowett was a companion of honor: 1922 Dissolution Honours


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