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John Hoffman (born August 1, 1972) is a welterweight professional boxer, as well as a coach, trainer, and promoter, from Anoka, Minnesota.

Personal life[edit]

Hoffman is a native of Anoka, Minnesota and a graduate of Coon Rapids High School.

Career as a Professional Boxer[edit]

Hoffman made his debut as a professional boxer in September 1992 with a 4-round points win against Tony Ault. Hoffman remained unbeaten through four matches as a professional, losing for the first time in March 1995 against Blaine Biers. Hoffman's career peaked early. After boosting his career record to 6-1 in the summer of 2000, Hoffman began to lose with some frequency, enduring 14 straight losses from 2002 to 2007. Hoffman finally got back on the winning track in April 2008, defeating Daniel Schlienz on the undercard of a John Sargent fight at Northern Lights Casino. To date his official record is 11-20 with 3 wins by knockout.[1] Among his notable opponents as a professional fighter are Corey Rodriguez,[2] Marty Jakubowski, Frank Toledo, Dmitriy Salita, and Lemuel Nelson.

Career as a Boxing Coach, Trainer, and Promoter[edit]

At present Hoffman works primarily as a boxing coach, trainer, and promoter. He claims to have 22 professional fighters in his care, training them at Uppercut Boxing Gym in Northeast Minneapolis. His stable of fighters includes light heavyweight boxer Marty Lindquist,[3] Minnesota bantamweight champion Antwan Robertson, and prospect Derek Winston.[4]


In November 2007 Hoffman accused Minnesota Boxing Commissioner Scott LeDoux of "insulting and assaulting" him in connection with a boxing event in Maplewood, Minnesota. Hoffman alleged that when he asked LeDoux whether there was a doctor on hand for the event, as required by Minnesota state law, LeDoux "responded by grabbing his beer, crumpling the plastic cup, and dumping the liquid on him. LeDoux then ordered security to remove Hoffman from the building." [5] LeDoux, in his own defense, claimed that there was a doctor present, that Hoffman had fabricated the whole story, and that Hoffman was drunk and probably spilled his own beer on himself.[5]


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