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For the science-fiction author, see John J. Miller (author).

John J. Miller (born 1970) is the director of the journalism program at Hillsdale College, in Michigan.[1] He also writes for National Review, for which he was previously the national political reporter, The Wall Street Journal and other publications.[1]

Born in Detroit, Miller was raised in both Michigan and Florida. He graduated from J. P. Taravella High School in 1988. Miller then attended the University of Michigan, where he was the editor in chief of the conservative student newspaper the Michigan Review. His first job was at The New Republic, in Washington, D.C.. After that, he worked for the Center for Equal Opportunity, and at the Heritage Foundation as a Bradley Fellow.[2] He sometimes wrote for Reason, becoming a contributing editor there.[1] He joined National Review in 1998, and continues to contribute to National Review Online.[1]



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