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For other people named John Jenkins, see John Jenkins (disambiguation).

John Jenkins (died 1681) was governor of Albemarle (now North Carolina) three times, in 1672–1675, 1676–1677, and 1680–1681.

Governor John Jenkins, immigrant, was born in England and died in Perquimans County, North Carolina, 17 December 1681. He went to America in or before 1662 and originally settled in Warwick Square, Nansemond County, Virginia. However, he returned to England where he married, but came again to this country about 1650. Now known as "Captain", he was one of the earliest settlors in Carolina. He had located on the Perquinas River before the grant to the Lords Proprietors and, conforming to the instructions of the King, took out a patent for his land from Governor Berkeley, Governor of Virginia. This occurred in 25 September 1663. Captain Jenkins became a man of considerable importance. In 1670 he was deputy of the Earl of Craven and had risen to the dignity of Colonel, and was senior member of the Council.

When Governor Carteret left Albemarle in the spring of 1673 and went to England, he transferred the administration of the colony to Colonel Jenkins, as deputy governor. While in office he seems to have had considerable trouble with law-breakers of the colony, and serious differences arose between him and an unscrupulous agitator name Thomas Miller. Miller was arrested and the General Assembly deposed Governor Jenkins. However, he was upheld by a majority of the deputies, and after considerable controversy he was again elected Governor of Carolina. He had the support of the Legislature, also, but he did not long survive his second term in office. Governor Jenkins married, in England, Joannah whose surname is not known.

The children of Governor John Jenkins and Joannah were

  1. Joannah
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Henry
  4. Thomas and
  5. John.