John Jiskra of Brandýs

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John Jiskra

Jan Jiskra z Brandýsa (German: Johann Giskra von Brandeis; Hungarian: János Giskra) (c. 1400 – c. 1469), in English sometimes referred as John Giskra, was a Czech strategist and mercenary soldier.

Early life[edit]

Jan Jiskra came from the Moravian branch of the noble family Páni z Brandýsa (Lords of Brandýs), he was possibly a son of Alšík z Brandýsa.

Jiskra spent his youth in Bohemia and partially also in Italy, where he - according to several sources - attended the battles of the Republic of Venice. In the Czech lands he became familiar with the Hussite war strategies. Following the Battle of Lipany Jiskra, together with other Hussite soldiers, joined the army of the Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg and fought with Turkish troops in the region of Belgrade.


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