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Mgr Charles John Klyberg was the Bishop of Fulham from 1985 to 1996.[1] He was born on 29 July 1931[2] and educated at Eastbourne College [3] and Lincoln Theological College before beginning his ordained ministry with a curacy at St John's, East Dulwich[4] - after which he was the rector of Fort Jameson in Zambia.[5] Following this he was the vicar of Christ Church and St Stephen, Battersea.[6] Later he became the Dean of Lusaka [7] before ordination to the episcopate.[8] An opponent of women priests, he was a Guardian of the Anglican shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.[9] He later became a member of the Roman Catholic Church.[10]


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Church of England titles
Preceded by
Brian Masters
Bishop of Fulham
1985 – 1996
Succeeded by
John Broadhurst