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John Knowles is an American acoustic guitarist. He is one of five Certified Guitar Players (the other four being Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, Steve Wariner, and Jerry Reed), a lighthearted title given out by Atkins to his friends.[1]


Knowles first learned music through the accordion. Later, he picked up the ukelele and started transposing from the accordion's keyboard to the fretboard. The musical skills he developed at a young age allowed him to learn guitar in high school. Discovering that the guitar was not well respected in the music community, Knowles worked for and received a Ph.D. in physics from Texas Christian University, while playing guitar on the side.[2]


  • In 1996 he was dubbed a CGP (Certified Guitar Player) by his friend Chet Atkins
  • 2004 inducted into the National Thumb Picker's Hall of Fame
  • He has won a Grammy and two Emmy nominations


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