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John Leslie
John Leslie AEE Las Vegas 20070115 crop.jpg
Born John Leslie Nuzzo
(1945-01-25)January 25, 1945
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Died December 5, 2010(2010-12-05) (aged 65)
Mill Valley, California, U.S.
Other names John Lestor, Lenny Kent, John Leslie Dupree, John Leslie Dupré, Louie T. Beagle, Louis T. Beagle, John Lesley, John Lessly, Frederick Watson
Ethnicity White

John Leslie Nuzzo (January 25, 1945 – December 5, 2010)[1] was a prolific pornographic film actor-director-producer. Usually credited under the name John Leslie, he has also worked under a variety of pseudonyms, including John Leslie Dupre, Frederick Watson, and Lenny Lovely.

Along with Jamie Gillis, John C. Holmes, and Harry Reems, Leslie was one of the stalwart male stars of the Golden Age of Porn, when blue movies had to have narratives to avoid prosecution, were shot on film with pretensions of quality production values, and were frequently shown in mainstream movie houses.

After the eclipse of Holmes due to drug and legal problems, Leslie inherited the mantle of the porn industry's top male superstar with the success of Talk Dirty To Me in 1980. He eventually starred in over 300 porn films before making the transition to director.[2]


Leslie was born into an Italian-American family in Pittsburgh in 1945. As a young man, he moved to Michigan, where he supported himself as a bartender while trying to make it as a musician. Leslie was a vocalist who played harmonica in a blues band.[2]

Beginning with 1973's Sensuous Delights, Leslie was a performer in almost 300 adult films and won numerous awards during his days as a performer. He appeared with some of the era's most noted porn stars, including Traci Lords, Seka, Kay Parker, and Annette Haven. His most noteworthy roles were in Dracula Sucks (aka Lust At First Bite) (1978), Pretty Peaches (1979), Nothing To Hide (1981), and Talk Dirty To Me, Part II (1982).

He was one of the first porn actors to make the transition from performing to directing, beginning with 1987's Nightshift Nurses. Since then he directed more than 90 adult movies, including The Chameleon (1989), Curse of the Catwoman (1992), Dog Walker (1994), and Drop Sex (1997), along with the Voyeur, Fresh Meat, and Crack Her Jack series. He won many awards for his work behind the cameras as well. Though much of his later work, in keeping with current trends in adult video, was in the gonzo genre, such as the "Fresh Meat" and "Crack Her Jack" series, Leslie continued to make feature films, or "sex dramas"; most recently, in 2007 he directed the film Brianna Love, Her Fine, Sexy Self.[citation needed]

In the early 1970s, he was a vocalist and harmonica player for the The Brooklyn Blues Busters, a southeastern Michigan-based musical group sometimes accompanying John Lee Hooker.[1] The Brooklyn Blues Busters were the backing band for Victoria Spivey during the 1973 Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival.[1] Nuzzo also worked as a bartender in the early 1970s at Mr. Flood's Party, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.[citation needed]

According to researched records and consumer consensus word of mouth gathered from the late classic porn historian Jim Holliday, who was also a market salesman and demographics expert, Leslie was said to have been the most fan requested and overall popular male star of the 70s Golden Age of adult film.

He was a member of the AVN,[3] Legends of Erotica[4] and XRCO[5] Halls of Fame.

Leslie's last appearance was in the 2010 documentary After Porn Ends, which is about life after being a porn actor. John Leslie died on December 5, 2010 of a heart attack[1] at his home in Mill Valley, California at the age of 65.[6]


John Leslie in 2000

As a performer:

  • 1977 AFAA Best Supporting Actor for Coming of Angels[7]
  • 1980 AFAA Best Actor for Talk Dirty to Me[7]
  • 1980 CAFA Best Actor for Talk Dirty to Me[7]
  • 1981 AFAA Best Actor for Wicked Sensations[7]
  • 1982 AFAA Best Actor for Talk Dirty to Me 2[7]
  • 1982 CAFA Best Actor for Talk Dirty to Me 2[7]
  • 1984 AFAA Best Actor for Dixie Ray and for Every Woman has a Fantasy (tied with himself for both movies)[7]
  • 1984 XRCO Best Copulation Scene for Every Woman has a Fantasy[8]
  • 1985 AFAA Best Supporting Actor for Taboo 4[7]
  • 1985 AVN Best Supporting Actor - Film for Firestorm[9]
  • 1986 XRCO Best Actor for Every Woman has a Fantasy 2[7]
  • 1988 AVN Best Actor - Film for Firestorm 2[9]
  • 1988 XRCO Best Actor for Beauty and the Beast[7]

As a director:

  • 1987 XRCO Best Director - Video for Nightshift Nurses[7][10]
  • 1988 XRCO Best Director for Catwoman[7]
  • 1989 AVN Best Director - Video for Catwoman[9]
  • 1992 XRCO Best Film for Chameleons: Not The Sequel[5]
  • 1994 XRCO Best Film for Dog Walker[11]
  • 1994 XRCO Director of the Year[11]
  • 1995 AVN Best Director - Film for Dog Walker[9]
  • 1995 AVN Best Director - Video for Bad Habits[9]
  • 1997 AVN Best All-Sex Release for John Leslie's Fresh Meat 3[9]
  • 1997 XRCO Director of the Year[11]
  • 1998 AVN Best All-Sex Release for John Leslie's Fresh Meat 4[9]
  • 1998 XRCO Director of the Year[11]
  • 1999 AVN Best All-Sex Release for John Leslie's Fresh Meat 5[9]
  • 1999 AVN Best Director - Video for The Lecher 2[9]
  • 2000 AVN Best All-Sex Release for The Voyeur 12[9]

Other awards:

  • 1989 AVN Best Screenplay - Video for Catwoman (with Mark Weiss)[9]
  • 1995 AVN Best Screenplay - Film for Dog Walker[9]

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