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John Levi Martin (born 1964) is an American sociologist. He is professor of sociology at the University of Chicago. He is the author of Social Structures, The Explanation of Social Action and DAMN (Dyadic Analysis of Multiple Networks) and ELLA (Every-gal-and-guy’s Latent Lattice Analyser).

Areas of activity[edit]

John Levi Martin is an intellectual nomad in the vast universe of sociological inquiry. These days, his main areas of interest are: field theory, social structures and party formation. He has previously written on classical theory, historical changes in sexual decision making and the economy, the shaping of belief systems, the use of racism as a valid conceptual category in American sociology, the relationship between interpersonal power and attributions of sexiness, methods for the analysis of qualitative data, political psychology, and the division of labor in Busytown.

Selected works[edit]

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