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John Howard Lindauer II
Lindauer in 1998 in his campaign photo
Born (1937-11-20) November 20, 1937 (age 77)
Montclair, New Jersey
Residence Chicago, Illinois
Education B.S. at Arizona State University
Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University
Occupation Economist, Publisher,
Chancellor for the University of Alaska (1976-1978)
Spouse(s) Jackie (1932 – 1992)
Dorothy A. Oremus [1]
Children Susan Lindauer
John Howard Lindauer III
Parents Louise (1905 – c.2004)
John Howard Lindauer I (1905 – 1954)

John Howard Lindauer II (born November 20, 1937) served as Chancellor for the University of Alaska Anchorage from 1976 to 1978 then was Dean of the School of Business and Public Affairs. He was the Republican Party candidate for governor of Alaska in 1998.[1] He is the father of Susan Lindauer and John Howard Lindauer III, and lived in Alaska from 1976 until 2002. He currently resides in Chicago.


Lindauer is an American economist and author.

Among his early articles and books, published in the 1960s while Associate Professor and Professor of Economics at Claremont, are "Land Taxation and Indian economic development" (with Sarjit Singh) and various editions of "Macroeconomics" which were translated into Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish. His macroeconomics works also appear under the title "The General Theories of Inflation, Unemployment, and Government Deficits."

He has been a visiting professor at the University of California (SD), Sussex University and Punjab University.

Lindauer is most known for his groundbreaking 1960s integration of aggregate supply with aggregate demand and his use of that integration to present and analyze various new theories and explanations of inflation and unemployment, and the policies that are needed to combat them in the United States and countries with similar institutions.

In essence Lindauer presented the first viable alternatives to the then (and still) prevailing attempts by the American academic community to explain and analyze the macroeconomic problems and policies of the United States in terms of the unique institutions of Keynes’ United Kingdom.

For example, he explained why efforts to fight inflation and unemployment in the United States with monetary and fiscal policies appropriate for the United Kingdom might make the general level of prices and unemployment worse instead of better in the United States and economies with similar central banks and fiscal policymaking structures.

More specifically, Lindauer’s 1960s analysis explains today’s unemployment and governmental deficits in the United States and the failure of its monetary and fiscal policies. In so doing, it explains the reasons why many of the current worldwide efforts to reduce governmental deficits will inevitably make them worse and constrain growth and employment.

Lindauer's most recent work is "The General Theories of Inflation, Unemployment and Government Deficits" (2013). It is a reissue of his 1960s work updated by his students from their class notes.

His favorite quote is “General theories and policies that cannot explain or cope with specific events are not general theories and policies and must be either discarded or improved.”

John Lindauer is married to Dorothy Oremus, a corporate director and lawyer with offices in Chicago.

He was born on November 20, 1937 to Louise (1905–c.2004) and John Howard Lindauer I (1905–1954) in Montclair, New Jersey.[1] He attended North Phoenix High School from 1951 to 1954 and Arizona State University from where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.[1] He later attended Oklahoma State University where he received a Ph.D. in Economics.[1] He served in the United States Army for three years and spent five years in the Army Reserve. He was Assistant Professor of Economics at Occidental College 1964-1966 and then Associate Professor and Professor at CMC and the Claremont Graduate School 1966-1974. Then He then moved to Alaska and served as Chancellor for the University of Alaska Anchorage from 1976 to 1978 then was dean of the School of Business and Public Affairs.[2] He served as a Pipeline Commissioner, and later worked at the Alaska Post-Secondary Education Commission. With his wife, Jacqueline Lindauer, he was the co-publisher of Alaska Rural Newspapers which published ten newspapers.[1][3] He was builder and president of Denali Broadcasting and the Alaska Radio Network which owns five radio stations.[4] He was the Fulbright Professor of Economics in India.[1]

In 1982 he won a seat for District 10 in the Alaska House of Representatives. He was a member of the House Finance Committee.[4][5]

1998 gubernatorial election[edit]

In the 1998 election, he won the Republican primary to run for Governor of Alaska. Leading up to the election he spent $1.7 million on his campaign. However, it was later revealed that nearly all the money he spent on the election came from his wife and was not his own money. Later, he pleaded no contest to charges stemming from campaign finance problems. As a result he received a one year suspended sentence, 100 hours of community service, 2 years of probation, and a $15,000 fine. [6]

Select publications[edit]

  • Macroeconomics (1968, 1972, 1976), ISBN 0-471-53572-9
  • Stabilization Inflation and the Inflation-Unemployment Trade-off
  • Land Taxation and Indian Economic Development (with Sarjit Singh) 1974
  • The General Theories of Inflation, Unemployment, and Government Deficits 1968, reissued 2012


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