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John Charles Lordan[nb 1] (June 29, 1876 – in or after 1937) was an American long-distance runner who won the 1903 Boston Marathon and competed in the marathon at the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri.[4]

Born in Murragh, Cork, Ireland. Lordan was trained by fellow Cantabridgian Tad Gormley.[1][2] After finishing fifth in 1901 and third in 1902, Lordan finished ahead of Sammy Mellor and Michael Spring to win the 1903 Boston Marathon, [4] At the 1904 Summer Olympics, condition were very warm during the marathon and Lordon was reported to have begun vomiting within the first half mile of the race.[4] He did not finish the competition.[4]He was an Irish immigrant who worked as a shipping agent for a manufacturing company in Cambridge. He trained at night only because of his job. A monument was erected in his home town, Bandon, Co. Cork, to commemorate his victory in the Boston Marathon of 1903.


  1. ^ Lordan's first name in some sources is noted as "J.C." or "Jack"[1][2] and his last as "Lorden" or "Lordon" in others.[3]


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