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John Loren Sandford (aka John L. Sandford, John Sandford) is a Christian author. He and his wife, Paula Sandford, are generally considered part of the Christian Inner Healing Movement.

In 1973, the Sandfords founded Elijah House, Inc., a counseling and training ministry originally located in Post Falls, Idaho. Elijah House, Inc., was established as an international ministry in 1975, in response to what the Sandfords describe as the Lord's calling (Malachi 4:5-6 and Matthew 17:11). They also published what is considered the first modern book on dreams, visions, and prophetic ministry: The Elijah Task (1977).

In the mid-2000s their ministry headquarters moved to Spokane, Washington.

John graduated from theological seminary with an M.Div. in Religion and Personality. He pastored churches in Illinois, Kansas, and Idaho for 21 years before founding Elijah House. Paula was active in the churches with music and Christian education, and also taught English and Spanish in the public high school for several years. She joined her husband in the team ministry of Elijah House from its beginning and was ordained in 1995.

The Sandfords have traveled extensively, teaching biblical principles of repentance and forgiveness, and highlighting what they describe as the transforming power of Jesus' death and resurrection. They are considered pioneers in the prophetic and inner healing movements. They explain their vision has been to reveal that which keeps believers bound in repetitive sin; by, as John says, "evangelizing the unbelieving areas of the believer's heart."

John and Paula have worked to share a deeper understanding of the Scriptures with Christian believers, especially regarding the Four Spiritual Laws (see Bill Bright), in accordance with the Biblical understanding that these laws are just as certain as the law of gravity in how they affect human lives.

John and Paula describe having experienced "the infilling of the Holy Spirit" in 1958, something which they said had enriched their lives and ministry. They have been married since 1951, have 6 children, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Paula went to be with the Lord in May of 2012. John is retired, but continues to be an active voice in the ministry.

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