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John Coates

For other people named John Coates, see John Coates.
John Coates
Institutions University of Cambridge
Alma mater University of Cambridge

John Coates is a neuroscientist[1] at the University of Cambridge[2] and former Wall Street trader for Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank.

Coates' research focuses on the hormonal basis of financial decision making,[3] inspired by his own experiences trading. He describes how men trading "display what may be called [the] classical clinical symptoms of mania. They were delusional, they were euphoric, they were over confident, they had racing thoughts [and a] diminished need for sleep."[4][5]

In 2012, Coates published The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: how risk-taking transforms us, body and mind.

Awards and honors[edit]


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