John Mattes (politician)

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John Mattes
Member of the Nebraska Senate
from the district
Personal details
Born 1859
Residence Nebraska City
Occupation brewer
Religion catholic

John Mattes (born in 1856) was a member of the Nebraska Legislature and brewer in Nebraska City, Nebraska, in the United States.

Born in Nendingen, Württemberg, Germany, he emigrated with his family from Burlington[disambiguation needed] (1864) and Brookfield[disambiguation needed] (1866) to Des Moines, Iowa, in 1876. There, his uncles Paul and John founded the "Mattes Brewery" where he became a partner in 1886.[1]

Living in Nebraska City he was mayor, member of the House of Representatives and Senate of Nebraska for Otoe County. He fought strictly against female suffrage.[2][3] Under President Cleveland, he was an agent of the Department of Agriculture.[1]

In 1906, he renamed the brewery "Otoe Brewing Co." With Nebraska State prohibition, the brewery was closed in 1917.[4]

From 1917 to 1918, he was President pro tem of the senate.[5]


Paul Mattes had seven children: Frank P., Mary, Pauline, Rosa, Hoyt, Francis and Lotte. Frank was general agent of the Moerlein Brewery, Cincinnati, Ohio. John Mattes married Katie Schaefer in Des Moines. They had a daughter, Nora Angeline (1883).[1]