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The John Maynard Smith Prize is a prize given by the European Society for Evolutionary Biology on odd years to an outstanding young researcher. It was first awarded in 1997 and is named after the evolutionary biologist John Maynard Smith (1920–2004).

List of winners[edit]

Year Awarded to For
1997 Marie-Charlotte Anstett Facilitation and constraints in the evolution of mutualism
1999 Nicolas Galtier Non stationary models of nucleotide substitution and the evolution of base composition
2001 Alexander Badyaev Paradox of rapid evolution of sexual size dimorphism: the role of ontogeny and maternal effects
2003 Patricia Beldade The genetic basis of phenotypic variation: evolution and development of butterfly wing patterns
2005 Daven Presgraves Speciation genes & selfish genes in Drosophila
2007 Andy Gardner

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