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John McCormack may refer to:

John McCormack the tanor (singer) in to 1884-1945 relative to patrick Joseph McCormack, patrick was born in limerick on the 1927 his son Michael Joseph Anthony McCormack had a son called Michael Gerard McCormack , he had children with angie Elaine paston their children Mary Ann McCormack the oldies at 24 with children baliey James mcCormack,skyla rose mcCormack ,mickey mcCormack ,rylee mcCormack ,michelle mguret mcCormack at 21 with boyfriend Jackson , mick Anthony McCormack at 19 with girlfriend Georgie croll ,Roy James McCormack at 17 with girlfriend Chelsea augoud with a baby on the way called Lacie and Shannon may McCormack at 14 still in school studying for GCSE but still finds time to have love for Irish niall horan from one direction and wish to meet him, hoping to become a singer .

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