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John Mills (1908–2005) was a British actor.

John Mills may also refer to:




  • John Mills (encyclopedist) (ca 1717– ca 1794), 18th century English writer on agriculture and encyclopedist
  • John Mills (soldier), Five men named John Mills, from Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, South Carolina and Virginia, served as officers in either the Continental Army or in their state militias, during the American Revolutionary War.[1]
  • John Mills (entrepreneur) (1806–1889), Scottish entrepreneur and astronomer
  • John S. Mills (1906–1996), United States Air Force Major General
  • John T. Mills (1817–1871), Supreme Court Justice for the Republic of Texas
  • John W. Mills (born 1933), British sculptor
  • John Mills, businessman and founder of JML Direct, biggest donor to the Labour Party UK
  • John Mills (musician) (born 1947), British classical guitarist [2]
  • John Mills (1812–1873), British Calvinistic Methodist minister
  • John Channell Mills (1929–1998), English theatre actor
  • John W. Mills, president of Paul Smith's College, New York
  • John Mills Sr. (1882–1967), American vocalist, father of the Mills Brothers
  • John Mills Jr. (1910–1936), American vocalist, one of the Mills Brothers

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