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John Moloney is a British stand up comedian of Irish descent. He grew up in Ilford and has lived in Balham for 20 years.

"It is good to know there is still room for a stand-up comedian as gifted and unpretentious as John Moloney" - The Times "One of the best things about watching live comedy is seeing a comedian get his second wind of inspiration. Sometimes an established comic suddenly finds something extra, and one of these comics is John Moloney. He's been a headliner at top clubs like the Comedy Store for years - yet his comedy has acquired more depth, as well as an even sharper edge." William Cook, The Guardian

John has been nominated as Best Live Stand Up at The British Comedy Awards in 1998 ( and twice won Best Live Performer at the London Comedy Festival. A world travelled comedian, John Moloney has delighted thousands of fans at festivals, theatres and clubs around the world throughout his career. A regular at London’s Comedy Store, John has appeared at venues all around the globe from Melbourne to Edinburgh; from the prestigious Just For Laughs and Halifax Festivals in Canada, to The Liffey Laughs in Dublin. John also hosts an annual fundraiser for ADCAF ( a charity that works with abandoned and destitute children in India.

John is perhaps best known for his performances on BBC’s The Stand Up Show and the most recent series of Grumpy Old Men. He was included in Channel 4’s One Hundred Greatest Stand Ups in 2006 "One of the UK's most experienced stand ups, John Moloney epitomises dry, dispassionate delivery and is a master of the droll one liner. His comedic talent has led him to write for fellow comedians Harry Hill, Jack Dee and Joe Pasquale." John Moloney has also worked with comedian Bill Bailey, most notably in Bill Bailey's stand up show Part Troll where he sings the Hokey Cokey in the style of German electronic band Kraftwerk, during the encore.

John’s first encounters with performance was as a musician on the Red Wedge tour during the 1980s. As a member of a large Irish family in London John learned the accordion from an early age and his first act on the comedy circuit was as the ‘angry young accordionist’. He slowly phased out the music and focused on stand up.

As well as being a musician John has another talent – he is a qualified teacher and taught French and German at a London school and still uses his linguistic skills in his career and has gigged in Hamburg and Berlin in German.

In 2010 John Moloney made a triumphant return to the Edinburgh Festival with his show Butterflies With Stretchmarks, which he then toured.

In 2012 John co-produced the inaugural Balham Comedy Festival, a critically acclaimed and star studded event which will take place annually.

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