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John Molyneux (born c. 1948)[1] is a British Trotskyist, academic and author. He has been a leading member of the Socialist Workers Party before retiring to Ireland, where he became active in the Irish SWP.

Molyneux was a lecturer at the School of Art, Design and Media, University of Portsmouth,[2] from 1992.[1]

During his time in Portsmouth he organised a number of demonstrations, including getting 12 coaches of people to the 2003 demonstration against the Iraq War, in London. In January 2009 he was arrested for organising a peace rally of 400 people against the Israeli attacks on Gaza.[1]

He is noted for writing a bulletin headed "Democracy in the SWP", which argued that, though the SWP is democratic, it needs to be more so, prompting the Communist Party of Great Britain to call him a "loyal rebel".[3] In 2006 he set up a blog where he 'writes mainly about Marxist theory and art'.

His book The point is to change it! was included in a display at the Tate Liverpool’s exhibition Art turning Left (2013) showing the role that art plays in changing society.



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