John Moultrie (politician)

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John Moultrie
John Moultrie
John Moultrie
Born 18 January 1729 (1729-01-18)
Charleston, South Carolina
Died 1798 (1799) (aged 69)
Shropshire, England
Occupation Governor of East Florida

John Moultrie (Charleston, South Carolina 18 January 1729 – 1798 Shropshire, England) was a deputy governor of East Florida in the years before the American Revolutionary War. He became acting governor when his predecessor, James Grant, was invalided home in 1771. Moultrie again became a deputy under his successor, Patrick Tonyn, returning to England in 1784.

Moultrie was one for five brothers who became a doctor after obtaining a medical degree from the University of Edinburgh in 1749.[1]

Moultrie was married twice, first to Dorothy Mortin in 1753 and later to Eleanor Austin in 1762.[1]

Moultrie moved to Florida in 1767 and became Lieutenant Governor of East Florida under Governor Grant. He was also a planter in Florida.

Following the Revolutionary War and the loss of Florida by the British, Moultrie left for England and died in 1798.[1] He was buried at Shefnal Church in Shropshire, England. His daughter, Cecilia, married the naval officer John Bligh at St Marylebone on 17 August 1809.[2]

His brothers were also key players on both sides the Revolutionary War:


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Preceded by
General James Grant
Governor of British East Florida
Succeeded by
General Patrick Tonyn