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John Nitzinger (Nit-Zinger) is a Fort Worth, Texas guitarist and songwriter. In the early 1970s, Nitzinger helped pen songs on five albums for the Fort Worth band Bloodrock. [1] When Bloodrock 2 went Gold, Nitzinger signed a contract with Capitol Records and his first album, the self-titled Nitzinger, was released in early 1972. In 1973, his second Capitol album One Foot in History was issued. In 1976, a 20th Century Records album titled Live Better Electrically was issued. In 1980, Nitzinger formed the band PM with Carl Palmer, formerly of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and others, which released a single album, One P.M, on Ariola Records.[2] In 1981, he joined Alice Cooper on the Special Forces tour, and plays on that album. He co-wrote Cooper's Zipper Catches Skin album. After coming off the road, he made a comeback after winning battles with health issues and today he delivers his message of clean life choices to hospitals, schools and prisons. He has since released a compilation of his greatest hits, Fingers In The Fan and the album, Didja Miss Me. In 2006, he released the album, Kiss Of The Mudman on his independent label, JTH Productions. In 2010, the album, "Kiss Of The Mudman" was picked up by SPV Records in Europe and released worldwide. He continues to crank out new songs and in 2012 completed two new albums, Bloodrock 2013 with Bloodrock lead singer, Jim Rutledge and Revenge with former lead singer of AC/DC, Dave Evans. Additionally, in 2012, the 90-minute DVD Documentary Feature, "Nitzinger - Tears From There To Here" was released. He is currently booking shows, creating new projects and continues to teach music lessons, workshops and Rock Camps on the East Side of Fort Worth, Texas.]

John Nitzinger was the opening act for B.B. King on April 7, 1975 at the Longhorn Ballroom, Dallas, TX.

Track listing[edit]

Nitzinger (released in 1971)

No. Title Length
1. "L.A. Texas Boy"   2:28
2. "Ticklelick"   2:44
3. "No Sun"   3:40
4. "Louisiana Cock Fight"   3:32
5. "Boogie Queen"   4:50
6. "Witness to the Truth"   3:26
7. "Nature of Your Taste"   2:25
8. "My Last Goodbye"   3:42
9. "Enigma"   4:12
10. "Hero of the War"   3:30
11. "King's X"   2:50
12. "Pretty Boy Shuffle"   2:39

Personnel: John Nitzinger - vocals, guitar; Bugs Henderson - guitar; Curly Benton - vocals, bass; Linda Waring - vocals, percussion.

One Foot in History (released in 1973)

No. Title Length
1. "Take a Picture"   3:17
2. "Motherlode"   3:47
3. "Good Bless The Pervert"   3:20
4. "Earth Eater"   2:55
5. "Driftwood"   3:53
6. "Let the Living Grow"   3:13
7. "The Cripple Gnat Bounce"   2:51
8. "One Foot in History"   4:12
9. "Uncle John"   5:12
10. "Texas Blues / Jelly Roll [bonus track] recorded live at the Mar Y Sol Festival in Puerto Rico 1972"   9:18

Personnel: John Nitzinger - vocals, guitar; Bugs Henderson - guitar; Curly Benton - vocals, bass; Linda Waring - vocals, percussion.

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