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John Nurminen Foundation is a Finnish foundation.

The Foundation was established in 1992 on the initiative of the Juha Nurminen, who has been the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation from the start. The foundation has its roots in a family company John Nurminen Oy, which was founded by Juha Nurminen's greatgrandfather Johan Nurminen. John Nurminen Oy was founded in 1886 as a trading house and shipping company in Rauma, which is located in the Western coast of Finland. At the time of establishing the foundation, the idea behind was to ensure that the extensive maritime history collection of art, antiques, ship models and antique maps that the Nurminen family had gathered over decades, would be preserved for future generations and also could be made known to the general public. In addition to the historical collections and the work around preserving the cultural heritage and traditions of Finnish seafaring, the foundation also works on environmental protection of the Baltic Sea. The foundation started its environmental work, so called Clean Baltic Sea projects, in 2004 with the help of an initial donation by Juha Nurminen. The precondition for starting the environmental work was to identify a project that would have a concrete and measurable impact on the condition of the Baltic Sea. The first project the Foundation funded was to bring chemical phosphorus removal to the three largest wastewater treatment plants in of city of St. Petersburg.

The cultural work of the Foundation focuses on the history of seafaring, exploration and cartography. The Foundation has an extensive collection of naval art, ancient maps and maritime antiques. As one way of making the history of navigation more known to the general public, the Foundation has published a number of books on history of navigation and seafaring and explorations. The books have been translated into several languages. Altogether 21 books have been published, among which are, The History of Seafaring – Navigating the World's Oceans, The Northeast Passage: From the Vikings to Nordenskiöld; Mare Balticum, the Baltic - two thousand years, and Ultima Thule - Arctic Explorations. The Foundation also arranges exhibitions and lends its material to national and international exhibitions. The Foundation is situated in Länsi-Pasila in Helsinki, Finland where it has all the books and part of its collection on show.

The foundation's Clean Baltic Sea projets [1] have two area of operation: projects preventing the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea, where the Foundation works together with water utilities in a number of Baltic cities, and a project around prevention of a major oil catastrophe on the Baltic Sea. The projects are funded by companies, private citizens, and public sector, such as the Ministry of Environment of Finland.

The members of the Board of the Foundation are, Juha Nurminen, Jouko Lönnqvist, Peter Fagernäs, admiral Juhani Kaskeala, Sari Baldauf, Sirpa Ojala, chancellor emeritus Kari Raivio, and Veli Sundbäck.