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AnimeNation is an American retailer of anime, manga, and other products of Japanese culture. It was founded in 1995 and is located in Tampa, Florida. AnimeNation also runs other businesses including,[1] a DVD-by-mail service, and AN Entertainment, an anime licensing and distribution production company. As of 2004, AnimeNation was one of the top two online anime specialty retailers in the United States.[2]

Aside from retail services, the AnimeNation website also includes, a discussion forum, daily news on the anime industry, and a regular column, "Ask John", where AN employee John Oppliger answers reader questions about anime.[3][4] "Ask John" archives on the AnimeNation website extend back to 1999.

AN Entertainment[edit]

In 2003, AnimeNation announced its intention to license and translate anime directly under the name AN Entertainment. Rather than distribute the shows themselves, AN Entertainment contracted with other companies to distribute their titles. ADV Films was the distributor of Risky Safety[5] and Miami Guns (though its logo only appeared in trade ads). With Haré+Guu, distribution was switched to FUNimation Entertainment. The first title the company licensed was Risky Safety,[6] which was followed in 2004 by Miami Guns. Their third and final release was Haré+Guu, which was released as a joint venture with Bang Zoom! Entertainment in February 2006. All three shows are out of print and AN Entertainment has since shut down.


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