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John Oszajca (pronounced OH-ZSA-KUH; born May 8, 1974) is an America singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Waimanalo, Hawaii. After relocating to Los Angeles, Oszajca became a part of the Los Angeles music scene and he was signed to Interscope Records for whom he released his debut album, From There to Here, and later to Warner Bros. Records, for whom he released First Sign of Anything.[1] Oszajca's third album, Elephant Graveyard was released in March 2007 on Dreamy Draw Records. John's yet-to-be-titled fourth album is expected to be released in 2013.

John was engaged to Lisa Marie Presley in 1999.[2] Their relationship is said to have lasted until 2000. He became engaged to Keshama Jane in 2009, and the couple soon married. They had their first child (River) in January 2010, followed by a second (Winter) in 2012. They recently brought property in New Zealand where Oszajca's partner grew up, and continue to split their time between Los Angeles and New Zealand.

He also appeared in the films Dead and Breakfast, Other Peoples Parties, America Speaks Out; and the television program, ER.



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