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Rev Dr John Charles Pollock (1924 - 6 January 2012) was a Christian author.[1] He was the official biographer of Billy Graham and lived with his wife in rural North Devon, England.[2]


One of his best known books is The Apostle, A Life of Paul. This book presents Paul the Apostle and his life as taken from his journeys in Biblical times. The story takes the modern day reader back into history. It portrays Paul as he deals with personal issues while trying to deal with his conversion to Christianity. He wrote extensively on William Wilberforce, including a full-length biography (1977) which has never been out of print. He also wrote about John Newton, composer of the hymn Amazing Grace, and was a board member of the John Newton Project.[3]

His many other biographies include Hudson and Maria Taylor, John Wesley, Lord Shaftesbury, Gordon of Khartoum and Lord Kitchener.[4]

Personal life and occupations[edit]

John and his wife Anne, were keen walkers and did not fuss about bad weather; they were frequently to be seen pacing along the Devon lanes in the rain, seemingly impervious to the cold of Exmoor. This strength of resolve was a hallmark of John Pollock's life which was filled with managing woodlands, writing, gardening, family history, music and travelling.

John Pollock was taken ill on a walking holiday in Scotland and died after a short illness on 6 January 2012.


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