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John Quinlan
Male Model John Quinlan in Calvin Klein 2014.jpg
Born (1974-10-30) October 30, 1974 (age 40)
Winchester, Massachusetts,  United States
Ethnicity Caucasian
Modeling information
Height 5' 9"[1][2]
Collar 17
Suit 46
Shoe size 10
John Quinlan
Born (1974-10-30) October 30, 1974 (age 40)[3][4][5]
Winchester, Massachusetts
Resides Boston, Massachusetts[3][4][5]
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s)
Billed height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)[3][4]
Billed weight 230 lb (100 kg)[3][4]
Billed from Athens, Georgia
Hell's Kitchen, New York
Trained by Killer Kowalski[3][4][5]
Brutus Beefcake[3][4]
Debut November 26, 1999[4]

John Quinlan (born John Joseph Quinlan October 30, 1974)[3][4] in Winchester, Massachusetts, is a former American bodybuilder and professional wrestler who now works as a fitness model, fashion model, art model, and romance cover model.[7] He is also a male underwear model. Quinlan has appeared in a variety of publications, including World Physique and Planet Muscle Magazine.[8] Quinlan has appeared in gym video shoots[9] and his image has been used online in many features[10][11] and interviews.[12]

In 2011 he was signed as an official brand ambassador model for the Swiss men's underwear label Diego Barberi Underwear, and in 2012 he was an official image model and brand ambassador for the supplement company Nutrabolics.[13][14] Quinlan has been referred to as the most tattooed male romance cover model in the world.[15][16][17][18][19] He is a former Team Athletic Xtreme official sponsored athlete.[20]

In May 2013, John appeared as a newly featured Cover Model at the Romantic Times (RT) Convention in Kansas City, MO. John has since been featured on many book covers since his introduction to the world of Romance Novel Cover Modeling.

John has been invited by the RT Convention's founder, Kathryn Falk, to appear at the 2014 RT Convention in New Orleans, LA in May 2014, where he will make an appearance as an official RT Convention Cover Model.

He is an official Phatpuppy cover model for designer Claudia McKinney.[21]

In December 2013, John donated several signed photographs to use in baskets for a raffle to benefit the St Croix Area Holiday Hope Program. All proceeds from the raffle baskets went to the program to purchase holiday gifts for local children in need in the St Croix Valley area.


Quinlan began a strict workout regimen in the fall of 1993 during his first year at Saint Leo University while playing baseball.[citation needed] In 1994, he quit baseball to focus more on weight training, bodybuilding,[5][22][23][24] and fitness.[25] In fall 1994, Quinlan transferred to Springfield College in Massachusetts, where he engaged in powerlifting and sports nutrition. In spring 1997, Quinlan trained several members of the student body for the first annual Springfield College Bodybuilding Show. WWE professional wrestler John Cena and Quinlan's training partner Matt Janke[26] both attended Springfield College while Quinlan was a student there. He graduated in 1997 with a degree in Movement in Sports Studies.

In 1998, Quinlan competed in the North American Bodybuilding Association (NABF).[27][28] In October he placed first in the Junior Class and fourth in the Men's Open Light Heavyweight division at the NABF Tri-State Pro-Am.[5][29] He won the Junior Class and earned a third-place finish in the Men's Open Light Heavyweight Division two weeks later at the NABF USA Junior Nationals.[5][29] During this time Quinlan was coached by Jeff Walsh, Billy Conserva and Lawrence Cuzzi, with the assistance of Jim Cinelli, Manuel "Manny" Catalano Jr. and John Georgopolous. He was sponsored by Scott and Eric Kenworthy, owners of World Gym, Lynnfield, Massachusetts, and Pumphouse Nutrition. On November 7, 1998, at the NABF Pro-Am America Nationals and Fitness Expo held in the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Providence, Rhode Island, Quinlan finished second overall in the Junior Class.[5][29][30]

In February 1999, Quinlan entered the Killer Kowalski professional wrestling school in Malden, Massachusetts.[5][31] Among the alumni of this school are Triple H, Chyna, Perry Saturn, Albert, John Kronus and Big John Studd.[32] During this time Quinlan trained with April Hunter, Aaron Stevens, Wagner Brown, Christopher Nowinski and "The Boston Brawler" Jerry Bowser[33][34] under the stage names John Bagwell,[6] Joseph Bagwell,[35] and Alex Bagwell;[36] these names were assigned to him by promoters. On November 26, 1999, in his first professional wrestling match for the World Wrestling Alliance (Massachusetts),[3][4] Quinlan teamed up with Aaron Stevens and Tre "The Smooth Operatin' Gangsta" under the name John Bagwell in a six-man tag team match in Farmington, New Hampshire.[6]

In February 2000, Quinlan tag-teamed with bodybuilder Jerry Ward (Lucian Bagwell) for Yankee Pro Wrestling, which became known as Top Rope Promotions. In the summer of 2000, Quinlan was briefly managed by Rocky Raymond while participating in hardcore wrestling throughout New England. On July 2, 2000, while wrestling at the Thompson International Speedway in Connecticut, Quinlan received a Powerbomb from his opponent through a table on concrete outside the ring, fracturing one of the vertebrae in his lower back. The injury took months to heal.[3][4][31] During this time Quinlan participated in photo shoots for New England-based photographers and artists and worked as a fitness model[37][38][39] and on one occasion modeled for the "Energy Bomb" sports drink.[31][40] Quinlan was often quoted as saying he had 20-inch (510 mm) arms and a 30-inch (760 mm) waist.[31][41] Quinlan often felt he was exploited by promoters who forced him to use the Alex Bagwell professional wrestling gimmick (kayfabe cousin of professional wrestler Buff Bagwell)[31] because of his physical likeness to Buff Bagwell. Often he would receive less than half of his expected income, which would ultimately force him to drop that gimmick and wrestle under the names Shane O' Kane[31][42] and John Quinlan.[3][4][31] Quinlan is often perceived as being egotistical and arrogant, based upon his appearance and numerous tattoos and scars, when in reality he is a relatively shy and humble person.[31]

In the fall of 2000,[43] Quinlan was in contact with Joey Styles of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) for a scheduled professional tryout,[31] which never materialized. Quinlan began training at World Gym in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, with his manager, Peter Karalekas, that December.

Early in 2001, while wrestling for the National Wrestling Alliance of New England, he had a brief feud with Rick Fuller, formerly of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), over a title shot against Fuller that ended in a loss. Shortly after, Quinlan went to Atlanta with Peter Karalekas and met with Ernest Miller,[31] who was accompanied by Carmel Macklin and Michael Jai White about entering the WCW Power Plant. The WCW Power Plant closed in March 2001 when WCW was purchased by the World Wrestling Federation. Quinlan began using the Shane O'Kane gimmick, developed by Karalekas, at this time.[31] The character was initially portrayed as an Irish thug from Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, as a "heel" wearing black tights[44] with knee-high engineer boots, but was transitioned to a masked wrestler as a "face". He began training with Edward Leslie, who is best known as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, in the summer of 2001.[3][4] Quinlan and Leslie trained at World Gym in Somerville, Massachusetts, and traveled together wrestling for multiple professional wrestling organizations throughout the Northeastern United States.[31] They wrestled on cards with pro wrestlers such as King Kong Bundy, Jimmy Snuka, The Honky Tonk Man, Tito Santana and Tony Atlas. In late August 2001 Quinlan and Leslie joined Jimmy Hart's newly founded Xcitement Wrestling Federation (XWF),[31] but it ultimately fell through for financial reasons. Quinlan's last professional wrestling match was with an affiliation of Empire Pro Wrestling on the independent circuit in March 2002.[3][4][45] He left the business as the result of accumulated sports related injuries he has sustained. In an interview with photographer Mark Edward in New York, he said that he felt professional wrestlers do not get the credit they so very much deserve.[46]

Quinlan has employed professional wrestling managers Miss IIXtreme, Rocky Raymond, and Peter Karalekas,[4][31] and has used the nickname "The Irish Bad Boy" (as Shane O'Kane).[31] His entrance themes include "Trip Like I Do" by The Crystal Method[31][47] and "Shoots and Ladders" by Korn (Bagpipes Intro as Shane O'Kane).[31]

Quinlan's finishing moves include Reverse Neckbreaker and The Spiked Irish Kaning.[3][31] His favorite moves are: Atomic drop, Axe handle, Backhand chop, Belly to belly suplex, Big boot, Dropkick, Elevated boston crab, Forearm smash, Headbutt, Hip toss, Knee drop, Missile dropkick, Running leg drop, Single leg running dropkick, Side slam, Sidewalk slam, Standing or a running swinging neckbreaker, Superkick, and Swinging knee strike.[3]

Fitness and modeling competitions[edit]

Quinlan competed as a muscle model at the 2010 FAME World Championships "WNSO Muscle & FAME Model" and BodyProud Wellness Convention held at Bally's Las Vegas. He was sponsored by LMR Sports and Max Muscle Sports Nutrition of Saugus, Massachusetts for this event in cooperation with owner Michael Fauci, professional bodybuilder Craig Torres and Jim Castrucci. He modeled Ed Hardy and MMA Muay Thai brand apparel by Raja Boxing and Kombat Gear during this event. He was coached by Musclemania[48] New England Bodybuilding Judge and BBPics Photography[49] owner John Mitchell.[50] Quinlan performed during the theme wear round to The Alan Parsons Project 1982 album Eye in the Sky instrumental "Sirius".

In June 2011, he competed as a sports model at the Musclemania Model Universe Championships as part of Musclemania's Universe Weekend in Miami. He modeled Tulio brand swimwear and clubwear by Sean John. His themewear consisted of black and gold Gladiator style Muay Thai trunks by Siamtops with Twins Special 12 oz. boxing gloves. He was one of the most tattooed models in the competition.[51] Quinlan suffered a torn groin and grade three hamstring tear one month prior to this event.[52]

In May 2012, Quinlan competed in two NPC Men’s Physique contests. The first was the Jay Cutler Classic[13] Men’s Physique presented by GNC at John Hancock Hall in Boston. NPC coordinators measured his height as 5'9 ½", which meant he competed in the under six feet tall class. He wore Nike board shorts for this event. This show was followed by the MHP Mid Atlantic Classic Men’s Physique in East Brunswick, New Jersey. This was a drug tested event, where the athletes were checked by polygraph, for performance-enhancing drugs, including diuretics, HGH, and Anabolic steroids. In June he competed in the Bev Francis Atlantic States Men’s Physique at the Tribeca Theater in New York and the Rhode Island State Men’s Physique at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island. His best finish was a first place at the Rhode Island Championships. Quinlan was defeated by male model Anton Antipov for the title of Overall Men’s Physique Champion in the judges' second call out shortly after in this contest.[53]

In July 2012, he competed in three NPC National contests. The Team Universe Men’s Physique National Championships in Teaneck, New Jersey, was followed by the MuscleTech NPC Masters Men’s Physique National Championships at the Station Square Sheraton Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His last contest was the NPC USA National Physique Championships held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He was sponsored by Max Muscle of Saugus, Massachusetts, for this event. This was his seventh NPC contest of the year. He was one of the most-tattooed competitors in all of three of these contests.[citation needed]

In April 2013, Quinlan competed at the NPC Vermont Bodybuilding Championships in the Men’s Physique Division. He placed 1st in both the Men’s Open and Men’s Master’s classes and went on to win the Overall Men’s Physique Championship.[54][55] He modeled trunks by Polo in this contest. He was sponsored by Athletic Xtreme Supplement Company for this event where he is an Official Sponsored Athlete and Image Model.[20]

In October 2013, Quinlan competed at the NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix in the Men’s Physique Division. He competed in both the Men’s Open and Men’s Master’s classes. Quinlan missed the competitor call out during the Master’s Physique prejudging and was subsequently two minutes late getting on stage after the other competitors. He apologized to members of the judging panel, Matt Bristol and Mike Feulner.

In April 2014, he competed in three additional NPC Men's Physique contests with his best finish coming at the Vermont Bodybuilding Championships where he placed 2nd in the Master Physique class.[56]

In May 2014, Quinlan competed at the Jay Cutler Classic Bodybuilding Championships in Boston, Massachusetts in the Men's Physique Open and Master classes.[57]

In October 2014, Quinlan competed at the NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix for the second year in a row in both the Men’s Open and Master Physique Divisions.[58]

In November 2014, he competed at the NPC New England Championships in the Men’s Open and Master Physique Divisions.[59]

In March 2015, Quinlan competed at the Ninth-Annual Arnold Classic Amateur NPC/IFBB International Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and Men’s Physique Championships held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center as part of the Arnold Sports Festival in the Open Men's Physique class.

Competition history[edit]

Top 5 Men's Physique Master competitors on stage at the 2014 NPC Jay Cutler Classic, John Quinlan #208 (far left)
  • 1998 NABF Tri-State Pro-Am – Junior—1st[29]
  • 1998 NABF Tri-State Pro-Am – Light Heavweight—4th[29]
  • 1998 NABF USA Junior Nationals – Junior—1st[29]
  • 1998 NABF USA Junior Nationals – Light Heavyweight—3rd[29]
  • 1998 NABF Pro-Am America Nationals – Junior—2nd[29]
  • 2010 Fitness Star Model Search World Championship – Level 3 Muscular Fitness Model—4th[citation needed]
  • 2010 FAME Las Vegas World Championships – Open Muscle Model—2nd[60]
  • 2011 Musclemania Model Universe Championships – Male Sports Model—72nd[61]
  • 2012 NPC Jay Cutler Classic Men’s Physique Championships—4th*[62]
  • 2012 NPC Mid Atlantic Classic Men’s Physique Championships—9th[63]
  • 2012 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States Men’s Physique Championships—11th[64]
  • 2012 NPC Rhode Island State Men’s Physique Championships—1st[65]
  • 2012 NPC Team Universe Men's Physique National Championships—16th[66][67][68]
  • 2012 NPC Masters Men’s Physique National Championships—11th[69][70]
  • 2012 NPC USA Men’s Physique National Championships—16th[71]
  • 2013 NPC Vermont Men’s Physique Championships—1st**[54][72]
  • 2013 NPC Vermont Men’s Physique Master’s Championships—1st[72][73]
  • 2013 NPC Vermont Men’s Physique Overall Champion††[54][55][72]
  • 2013 NPC Grand Prix of Brooklyn Men’s Physique Championships—13th[74]
  • 2013 NPC Grand Prix of Brooklyn Men’s Physique Master’s Championships—7th[74]
  • 2014 NPC Montanari Bros Powerhouse Classic Men’s Physique Championships—9th[75]
  • 2014 NPC Montanari Bros Powerhouse Classic Men’s Physique Master's Championships—3rd[75]
  • 2014 NPC Steve Stone Metropolitans Men’s Physique Championships—15th[76]
  • 2014 NPC Steve Stone Metropolitans Men’s Physique Master's Championships—4th[76]
  • 2014 NPC Vermont Men’s Physique Championships—4th[56]
  • 2014 NPC Vermont Men’s Physique Master's Championships—2nd†††[56][77]
  • 2014 NPC Jay Cutler Classic Men’s Physique Championships—9th[57]
  • 2014 NPC Jay Cutler Classic Men’s Physique Master's Championships—5th[57][78]
  • 2014 NPC Grand Prix of Brooklyn Men’s Physique Championships—9th[58][79]
  • 2014 NPC Grand Prix of Brooklyn Men’s Physique Master’s Championships—5th[58][79]
  • 2014 NPC New England Men’s Physique Championships—8th[59][80]
  • 2014 NPC New England Men’s Physique Master’s Championships—3rd[59][80][81]
  • 2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Amateur Men’s Physique Championships—25th[82]
  • *Qualified for 2012 NPC Team Universe Men’s Physique National Championships
  • Qualified for 2012 NPC USA Men’s Physique National Championships
  • **Qualified for 2013 NPC USA Men’s Physique National Championships
  • ††Qualified for 2013 NPC Men’s Physique National Championships
  • †††Qualified for 2014 NPC Men’s Master Physique National Championships


  • IIXtreme Hardcore Champion (2000)[83]
  • IIXtreme Heavyweight Champion (2000)[83]

Modeling career[edit]

John Quinlan in 2012

Quinlan was used in 2000 as an art model by Brian Dow,[84] an illustrator of children's books, book covers, advertising and editorial illustration for a self-promotion piece inspired by Harry Potter and author J.K. Rowling.[85] Dow used Quinlan's physique in a digital painting and colored pencil illustration as the body of an evil troll. The image was also used on the cover of the paperback book "The War of Trolls" (Scream Shop Series #8) by Tracey West,[86] illustrated by Dow. Quinlan modeled for Dow as a genie in a similar illustration later that year.[87] Quinlan arm wrestled Chad Eaton, defensive tackle in the National Football League for the New England Patriots, in 2000 while working at the Boston nightclub The Rack as a bouncer.[31] He also modeled for Sandra Kimball Photography[88] for an outdoor professional wrestling themed photo shoot.[31]

He has appeared and had his image used in many online publications,[6][89][90] supplement and fitness articles,[91][92][93] and magazines.[94] In 2010, Quinlan was represented by Coach Models International Model Agency of New York.[95][96]

In February 2011, Quinlan was named January fashion model of the month by HUF Magazine[97][98] and he was interviewed by host Claudia Reid of Muscle Talk Radio 101 in New York.[99][100]

He is an official ambassador of Diego Barberi brand apparel in the United States[101] and a spokesmodel for Toot brand apparel in Japan and Asia.[101] In September, Quinlan was selected to join VIP Exclusive Fashion Models Company[102] by President Leslie M. Weston and CEO Terrance L. Shaw and appeared in Faith & Fitness Magazine with his son Troy.[103] In October 2011, he signed as an associate to help promote BodHD, Inc., a nutrition company based in Vista, California.[citation needed]

In April 2012, Quinlan was named official image model of the year for No Limits Brand Underwear by Suzanne Carner.[104] In October 2012 he signed a one-year contract with Athletic Xtreme Supplement Company as an official sponsored athlete, image model, and brand ambassador.[20]

In August 2012, Quinlan was used as the likeness for the character of Master Buck in the erotic romance story Master's Email by Tonya Kinzer.[105] He has appeared on the cover of two fiction books, Captive Fantasy and Fierce in Fur.[106][107]

In February 2013, Quinlan was the cover model for the book, Jessica's Obsession.[108]

In April 2013, Quinlan was named an Official Image Model of Alpha Male Underwear by Darrell MacDonald and Thanos Giagtzis.

In June 2013, Quinlan was signed by designer Claudia McKinney as an official Phatpuppy cover model.[21] He was also nominated for Playgirl's Hunk of The Month.[109]

In early September 2013, John modeled for author K.R.Brown's book Twisted Death, the second book in a paranormal romance series.

During an interview with Simone Soldera of Duemila Magazine in December 2013, Quinlan stated, “I am the most tattooed male romance cover model in the world.”[110]

Quinlan has modeled products and brands of apparel for Perry Ellis, Energy Bomb Sports Drink, Truly Huge, JUSTUS Clothing Co., Joe Snyder, XWear, Teamm8, Male Basics, Muchachomalo (Netherlands), Skmpeez, Croota, Tribe (Australia), Sweat Collection, DMK, 4Skins, Modus Vivendi by Christos Bibitsos (Greece), Xzytes, Toot (Tokyo, Japan), Ergowear (Santiago, Chile), Diego Barberi (Switzerland), Audace, Doreanse Lingerie For Men, Geovanny Underwear, Dietz, Way Funky Co., Men's Fit, Man by Peter Morrissey, Unapproved Clothing Co., Tiger Underwear, Boqari, BIG BOYS, Stunt Gear Inc., Giggleberries, Smuggling Duds, HOM, Bum-chums (Great Britain), M-N Underwear, The Todd Sanfield Collection, Nutrabolics, No Limits Underwear, Athletic Xtreme Supplement Company, Swole Gym Gear, Ken Fron Jewelry[111] and Alpha Male Underwear.[citation needed]

In January 2014, Quinlan was the cover model for Tonya Kinzer's book, Under Her Command.

In February 2014, he was featured on a Children of Kria book promotion by Charlie Daye portraying Phoenix, an immortal assassin.

In March 2014, John was the cover model for Tonya Kinzer's book, Master's Email.

On March 23, 2014, Quinlan was the cover model for the book, The Roman and the Vixen released by author Anna Patterson.

In April 2014, Australian author Melanie Corona selected Quinlan as the cover model for her book, Treasured Island.

In May 2014, at the Romantic Times Book Convention in New Orleans Quinlan won the Best Dark Fantasy Award for his portrayal of a vampire during Heather Graham's Annual Mardi Gras Magic and Mayhem Gala. He was also a featured character there along with author Debra Anastasia during the world famous RT Book Fair as Beckett Taylor.

In June 2014, John modeled for author K.R.Brown, Faith Hope and many other author's as the cover model of their Romance Anthology book, Naughty and Nice Stories of Spice due out in December of this year. He was also named an official spokesmodel for the Elizabeth Grady Company by Vice President Carla Ringdahl.

In November 2014, Quinlan was a featured model in Duemila Magazine of Italy.[112]

He was also named the official spokesmodel for author Sandra Shrewsbury's Addiction Series which campaigns nation wide for awareness against drug addiction.

Quinlan was the inspiration behind author S.J Warner's character Benito in her book Aphrodite's Fire published in November 2014.


He can be seen in the New England Sports Network documentary Ringmasters: Pro Wrestling in New England (2000)[31][113] produced by Jim Carroll[114][115] and in the MSNBC Investigates documentary "Body of Work" (2003),[31][116] filmed while he was training at Killer Kowalski's Professional Wrestling School. In December 2001, Quinlan and Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake appeared in a TV commercial for World Gym of Lynnfield, Massachusetts.[31]

John Quinlan portrayed a mobster with a good heart in a video short included in Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector's Edition released in Fall 2013. This groundbreaking Romance multimedia benefited from his dedicated attention to detail as Beckett Taylor.

Pop culture[edit]

Quinlan is referenced by Hip hop and Rap recording artist Chris Parker of Chicago in his explicit remix of the Beyoncé Knowles original song, “We Like To Party” which was released in February 2012 with the verse, “If she thick it get me swole like John Quinlan.”[117]

Other media[edit]

  • On April 6, 2010, Quinlan was interviewed by Steve Shaw of Muscle and He was the first audio podcast athlete interview conducted on the site.[31]
  • Featured model athlete on Andrew Oye's Muscle Ink M.A.G. Shots M.A.X. Collection Gallery
  • Muscle Ink M.A.G. Pix Mix Gallery cover model
  • Muscle Ink Pro Zone Gallery
  • Cover model for Issue 108 of 2BExposed Magazine in 2011[118]
  • Asia Chic 2011 GQ Profile calendar model
  • Truly Huge apparel[119]
  • Inkubator Comics[120][121][122][123]
  • Mr. USA Next Man Model of The Year 2011. He represented the United States during this annual modeling search.
  • 2011 Muscle Talk 101 Male Fitness Model of The Year
  • Quinlan was part of the PR team for the movie Hedda (Hedda Gabler), a 2012 film adaptation of the classic Henrik Ibsen stage play produced in the United Kingdom by British director Matthew John.[124]
  • On January 30, 2013, Quinlan was interviewed by Kayelle Allen on the Romance Lives Forever blog.[125]
  • On June 28, 2013, Quinlan appeared on Renegade Talk FM of Maui, Hawaii with Erotic Romance Author Leanna Harrow.[126]
  • On August 6, 2013 Quinlan was featured in Erotic Romance Author Leanna Harrow's comedic debut book "Me, Myself & I...Funny Fights I Have With Me, Myself and Well..I
  • A cover model billboard of Quinlan was featured by author Cristal Ryder at the 2013 Ellora’s Cave Publishing Romanticon Convention in Canton, Ohio.


Quinlan is the inspiration for the character "Kennealy" in the science fiction short story Synaesthesia by AmyBeth Inverness. The story tells of human's early research and trials in time travel. Kennealy is a chrononaut who makes non-corporeal jaunts through time. Since the process causes disorientation and disturbance in the chrononaut's sensory inputs, the fact that Kennealy is a synaesthete is a great advantage. Quinlan's image, including his tattoos, is used to illustrate the story.[127]

Quinlan was the inspiration for a short story published by Cassandra Carr titled "Birthday Boy".[128][129] "Birthday Boy" was released December 7, 2012 through Ellora's Cave Publishing.

Quinlan's physique and tattoos were the inspiration for the character Anthony "Tony" Stone in book one of The Anthony Stone Series, Jessica's Obsession, by Taabia Dupree. "Jessica's Obsession" tells the story of an overly crazed woman who wants "Tony". From beginning to end, Jessica feelings for Tony are portrayed. Quinlan's image is used to illustrate the story. The book was released February 15, 2013.


On July 2, 2000, Quinlan was power bombed through a table on concrete outside the ring by his opponent at the Thompson Motor Speedway in Thompson, Connecticut, before winning the IIXtreme Hardcore Championship.[130] While the damage wasn't noticed immediately, he ended up with a compression fracture of the L2 vertebra with L1-L2 posterior and right posterolateral disc protrusion indenting the thecal sac.

Quinlan was injured during a training session on April 15, 2005, while performing Plyometrics, as a result of years of physical wear and tear on his body. An X-ray, CT scan, and MRI revealed three lower lumbar vertebrae compression fractures at the L3,L4 and L5 vertebra with bulging discs at L3, L4 and L5. These tests also revealed the presence of grade three Isthmic spondylolisthesis. This vertebral slippage was detected at the level of the L5/S1 vertebra segment, the L4-L5 vertebra segment, and the L3-L4 vertebra segment.


Quinlan has been referred to as the most tattooed male romance cover model in the world.[17][20] Quinlan has nineteen individual tattoos, most with an Oriental and Celtic cross theme.[15] The tattoos include two half-sleeve tattoos, seven Kanji characters that are used in the modern Japanese logographic writing system and four nautical stars.[15] A tribal shamrock tattoo was acquired after he obtained permission from retired mixed martial arts fighter Frank Shamrock.[131] On July 13, 2013, Quinlan was tattooed by American artist Matt Myrdal with his fifth nautical star. A few months later in December, he was tattooed again by Myrdal which included an additional 4 nautical stars among others. In May 2014, Quinlan had 3 additional nautical stars tattooed on the back of his neck. He currently sports twenty seven individual tattoos.

Charity work[edit]

Quinlan is a supporter of Anita Jeter-Peterkin's "Wrapped-N-Pink" Breast Cancer Awareness Organization which was established in 2005.

In December 2013, John donated several signed photographs to use in baskets for a raffle to benefit the St Croix Area Holiday Hope Program. All proceeds from the raffle baskets went to the program to purchase holiday gifts for local children in need in the St Croix Valley area.

In May 2014, Quinlan was part of Tina DeSalvo's Friends Fight Together Fundraiser in New Orleans to help support breast cancer.

Personal life[edit]

Quinlan is formerly a vegan.[15]

Quinlan suffers from extreme migraine headaches.[132]

Quinlan is friends with fellow professional wrestler Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and former cruiserweight professional boxer Richie Lamontagne.[133][134]

Quinlan's father, Shaun Quinlan, played for the Boston University Terriers men's ice hockey team during the 1964–1965[135] and 1965–1966[136] seasons wearing number 17.[137] Quinlan's grandfather, William John Quinlan, played Irish football and was an amateur boxer trained by Johnny Buckley in the 1930s.[138] Quinlan's second cousin, Kevin Quinlan,[139] backed up tailback Marcel Shipp[140] in 1998 and 1999 while playing football for the University of Massachusetts.[141]

Quinlan is married to wife Jennifer. He has three children: sons Troy and Cole, and daughter Mia.

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