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John Fairclough is the current CEO and founder of Resicom, a commercial facility maintenance company headquartered in Lemont, IL. Fairclough was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1974.


Fairclough founded Resicom, a commercial facility maintenance provider and residential remodeling and construction company in 1998 at the age of 24. Fairclough began his entrepreneurial endeavors from the basement of his future in laws. Presently, Fairclough has grown Resicom to have headquarters in Lemont, IL with satellite offices in San Diego, St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbus with over 75 employees.

Advisory Boards[edit]

Fairclough currently serves on several boards including Director of Little Beans Foundation, a member of the Advisory Council at the University of Illinois Chicago, and formerly as a Global Board Member for EO Accelerator Program, local Board Member for the Chicago Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Executive Board Member for the Lemont Chamber of Commerce. In 2009, Fairclough was accepted to the MIT Entrepreneur’s Organization Masters Program Class of 2011. Fairclough speaks at local universities and colleges including DePaul University and University of Illinois Chicago as part of business and entrepreneurial programs. Fairclough has been asked to speak on BlogSpot Radio discussing business topics and has written for[1]


Citing a difficult childhood growing up in poverty, Fairclough was prompted to found the non-profit organization Little Beans in 2006. The organization assists economically disadvantaged children.


Fairclough has been nominated for the Loyola Family Business Award for 2009 and 2010, the 2010 Entrepreneurial Excellence Award, and his Entrepreneur Cafe blog received the Top Blog Award winner for 2010 sponsored by and Awarding the Web. He was inducted into the Chicago Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame in 2010.

Community Outreach and Involvement[edit]

Resicom CEO Asked to Present at Business Symposium :: UPDATE
DePaul University’s Colemam Entrepreneur Center hosted a business symposium entitled “Breakthroughs”. Held at the Metropolitan Club in Chicago, October 28, invited speakers presented a 20-minute experience share.

Resicom CEO, John Fairclough joined a group of 18 accomplished business owners and industry leaders. All speakers shared personal stories of a time when they had their back to the wall, and how their response to the situation propelled either a personal or professional breakthrough/ achievement.

“It was great to hear the other presenters come up and make themselves vulnerable by sharing their stories,” said Fairclough of the event. “The ones that spoke most to me were those where I related to the struggles. People shared their loneliness, fears, and the obstacles they faced. I learned many things.”

Fairclough recently published a similar account entitled “The Moment I Thought We Might Not Make It” as part of a collection of entrepreneur stories for Sometimes You Have to Look Over the Edge and Not Blink featured on Fairclough is the founder and president of Resicom, a national facility maintenance provider that believes in the bold pursuit of what normal should be.

DePaul New Venture Challenge

Resicom’s CEO John Fairclough will be judging the Coleman Center’s annual Launch DePaul New Venture Challenge this year that is taking place February 4 to the 14th.

The judges are selected from Chicagoland’s leading entrepreneurs and the challenge is run to encourage and perhaps spark business venture and innovation interests in DePaul students. The New Venture Challenge is open to all DePaul students, regardless of business knowledge or area of study, and seeks to judge the submissions based on viability and feasibility of the venture proposed. John has a longtime interest in entrepreneurship and participates in a variety of forums to encourage new start-up business ventures. Verus Consulting Group, John’s newest business enterprise, is focused on executive development and leadership training, similar to the Coleman Center’s second objective.

The Coleman Center is a part of DePaul University, and is linked with the College of Commerce’s academic program in entrepreneurship. The center has two objectives, to help students launch and grow their own ventures and to help second-stage businesses through peer-to-peer educational programs and roundtables.

For more information on the Coleman Center or the New Venture Challenge visit:

And more info on John Fairclough and his Ventures:


DePaul University's Coleman Center for Entrepreneurship

<2---Coleman Center

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