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Instrument made by JS Hougham
Instrument (detail) made by JS Hougham

John Scherer Hougham (28 May 1821 – 31 March 1894), was Purdue University’s first appointed professor, first (unofficial) acting President (March 11, 1874-June 11, 1874) after Purdue's first President Richard Dale Owen resigned on March 1, 1874, and later an official acting President (November 6, 1875-April 30, 1876) between the administrations of Abraham C. Shortridge and Emerson E. White.[1]

Hougham first graduated from Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana, in 1846, where he was a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.[2] He then rose to Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana (1848 – 1867).[3] During this time he was also a well regarded maker of scientific instruments (see images, right) for educational and professional use in medicine, chemistry, astronomy, and other related fields (e.g., Solar Compass).[4]

After those appointments, he was Chairman of Philosophy and Agriculture at Kansas State University (1868 – 1872). He then took an appointment as Professor of Physics and Industrial Mechanics, and Chairman of Agricultural Chemistry at Purdue University (1872 – 1876),[5] serving in those early years of Purdue’s history as an academic "handyman" — and for a time acting President for parts of 1874 and 1876 — to John Purdue and the founding Trustees, visiting other universities around the country in search of new ideas and faculty to bring back to his native Indiana. Around 1876, he returned to Kansas State where he spent the remaining years of his academic career.


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