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For the cricketer, see John Capon (cricketer).

John Capon, alias John Salcot (died 1557) was a Benedictine monk who became bishop of Bangor, then bishop of Salisbury under Henry VIII. He is often referred to as John Salcot alias Capon (variously spelt).

He graduated B.A. from the University of Cambridge, in 1488. He became prior of St John's Abbey, Colchester, and then abbot of St Benet's Hulme, in Norfolk.[1] He was a vocal supporter of Henry's divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

He was abbot of Hyde Abbey from 1530, and bishop of Bangor from 1533 (without papal approval). It is believed that he never took up residence at Bangor, and he admitted that he found it a problem that he did not speak Welsh.[2] He was translated to become bishop of Salisbury in 1539.[3]

Under Mary of England he was involved in the trials of John Bradford and other Protestants.[4]

William Capon was his brother.[5]


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