John Sterling Rockefeller

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John Sterling Rockefeller (October 28, 1904 New York City — May 10, 1988 Greenwich, Connecticut) was the fourth son of William Goodsell Rockefeller (1870—1922) and Sarah Elizabeth Stillman (1872—1935). Rockefeller is a grandson of Standard Oil co-founder, William Avery Rockefeller, Jr. (1841—1922) and businessman James Jewett Stillman (1850—1918).

Rockefeller attended Yale University and was a member of Scroll and Key. He purchased Kent's Island in the Bay of Fundy in 1930 as a bird sanctuary for the eider ducks there. In 1935, Rockefeller gave the island to Bowdoin College under the condition that it be maintained as a sanctuary and a scientific station for students of all institutions. Rockefeller married Paula Watjen (born 1905) on May 7, 1931.